Hoboken Fire Hydrant Explosion!

Did negligence cause Hoboken Fire Hydrant Explosion?

Fire Hydrant Explosion in Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Fire Hydrant Explosion!An interesting situation took place uptown earlier this week. Apparently some construction workers caused this Hoboken fire hydrant explosion near 14th & Clinton Streets. How it happened was a bit of a mystery.

At first, police were led to believe it may have been struck by some kind of truck or piece of equipment. Later on, we heard that it was workers in the area using the hydrant without any authorization (i.e., for non-emergency purposes). Either way, something went awry and the hydrant literally blew up, ejecting a very powerful stream of high-pressure water.

Is that considered “theft of services?”

Police were later concerned that this hydrant explosion would have an effect on nearby emergency facilities like the FMC Dialysis Center nearby or even Hoboken University Medical Center. Luckily it did not affect water services.

The hydrant was quickly shut down by United Water and normality resumed in the area.

Ahh – another day in a high-tech “civilization,” right?

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