Poor Cat Designs – For Rent

Poor Cat Designs for rent in Hoboken

We kind of called this one. Earlier this year we posted a “2015 Hoboken Survival Watch,” in which we shared our observations of sparse customer activity over at Poor Cat Designs (716 Washington St.) Well, now they’re for rent:

“Located in the heart of busy Hoboken on Washington Street (the main thoroughfare). Beautiful building (award winning historic designation). Great window exposure. Hardwood floors, high hat and indirect lighting, air conditioning, high ceilings, bright clean and modern space. Great for dry goods, cafe, salon, professional office, specialty store, or other.”

For anyone out of town considering this space – note that this spot is NOT in the “heart” of busy Hoboken. It may be the “middle” of that particular stretch of road, but this is one of the least busy spots on “the main thoroughfare.” But call it what you want.

If you still care to give it a shot (an Apple store is probably the only thing that would do good), the cost is a mere $60,000 a year in rent (not including other overhead).

Poor cat designs for rent hoboken NJ - Poor Cat Designs - For Rent

Poor Cat Designs open to public in Hoboken, NJ

7/11/2013 Update:

Poor Cat Designs is now open to the public in Hoboken (Fall 2013.)

Poor Cat Designs Hoboken NJ open 716 washington street - Poor Cat Designs - For Rent

Poor Cat Designs – Hoboken, NJ – 716 Washington Street

Poor Cat Designs Coming Soon to Hoboken NJ 716 Washington Street - Poor Cat Designs - For RentComing soon to 716 Washington Street is Poor Cat Designs.

What is Poor Cat Designs?

“Symbols denote what we desire them to be. Anything and everything can be infused with meaning. Poor Cat finds its following in this belief. Having already captivated the devotion of rock stars, celebrities, teenage trendsetters, and prominent players in the design, architecture, and fashion world, Poor Cat is ready to inspire a larger audience. Where humility graces luxury, Poor Cat perches.”

Hmmm. Judging by the products they sell, and for how much, I wonder if some people call this place “poor customers after purchase?” Perhaps I don’t know how other people’s “optional purchases” work, but little lumps of generic metal selling for $200? A hippie leather wrist strap for $250? Is that what people do with their leftover money? Is this considered economical for what you’re buying? Are these products generational heirlooms?

Either way – because of the apparent connection to the “teenage trendsetters,” they might just have a customer base who is easy to sway from the get go. Who knows. Good luck, Poor Cat, regardless! Maybe one day you can explain the whole model to me personally.

Poor Cat Designs Hoboken NJ 716 Washington Street - Poor Cat Designs - For Rent

Description: Jewelry and other trinkets for the teenage trendsetters and rock stars.
Address: 716 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: poorcatdesigns.comFacebookTwitter
Phone: TBD

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Monday, July 15, 2013 12:46 pm

I was looking for a birthday gift for my niece and checked out their website – they might be trendy and in style, but they are awfully pricey for costume jewelry.

Thursday, July 11, 2013 8:12 pm

The might be able to survive if they are the current hot commodity. But I think they should be concerned with how far they are away from the train station. Stores don’t do too well in that area.

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