What exactly is public safety in Hoboken?

Where do you draw the line with public safety in Hoboken?

public safety in Hoboken NJ over blownLast week’s departure of the historic 1907 Yankee Ferry boat from the shores of Hoboken was indeed a shame. There was no logical reason to “uproot” those people and send them packing. However, some of the “reasons” we heard for kicking them out were quite ludicrous. From some area families citing the boat as a “safety hazard for kids,” to a city hall employee actually saying “a bomber could stow away on the boat.” Yes, they said that, riding the “fears” from the Boston Bombing debacle. Whether it was political, economical, or even legal reasons that led to their ultimate departure – public safety in Hoboken was definitely part of the nonsensical and slanted discussion.

Now all the people who hated the Yankee Ferry should probably look around and find all the other “public safety” issues to whine about next. Take a look at what you can find just in the area near where the ferry used to be!

Lots of boats “bombers” can stow away on in Hoboken

OK, City Hall – why not go after the Cornucopia boats too? They have lots of room for bomber stowaways! Get crackin!

Public safety concerns Hoboken NJ - can bombers hide on boats in Hudson River

Hoboken waterfront very dangerous for kids, too!

Cross the 14th Street Pier off your list of safe places for kids in Hoboken. Look at that NY Waterway Ferry slip! Your kid can run out there! Call the Mayor for help now!

Public safety concerns Hoboken NJ - kids can run onto uptown ferry slip

What about this part of the uptown walkway connecting Hoboken to Weehawken? The nerve of them! NO RAILING for a huge portion of it! What if the kids walk on the rocks? Call your lawyers right away! Heck, this is a liability suit in the making.

Public safety concerns Hoboken NJ - no railing on uptown waterfront walkway

And where are the life preservers? The entire Hudson river waterfront has none! What if some kids thinks he should climb over the rail and jump in? Isn’t this a public safety concern too?

Public safety concerns Hoboken NJ - no life preservers along hudson river waterfront

In the end – YOU should be responsible for your own safety

OK, done with the examples. The bottom line is that it was ridiculous for the “general public” as well as the local city government to turn a non-threatening situation into an angry debate with an unfortunate outcome.

People worry too much about their delusions these days. Even worse is that as time goes on, more and more people are counting on others (like the gov’t) to make their lives “safer.” Bike lane paint, speed bumps, caution tape, cordoned off areas, “safe zones,” are just the tip of the iceberg (security cameras, eavesdropping, surveillance, social network monitoring are what you get now when you give more “power” to big brother…)

To the parents worried about the safety of their special ones: Get over yourselves. The world is a dangerous place if extra care isn’t taken to ensure your safety. Ever seen Washington Street? Even the sidewalks aren’t safe. What are you going to do now?

If you see what might be a precarious situation, you can either understand the risks and accept the outcome – or you can avoid the situation altogether. We don’t really need any help from anyone.

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