The Pretty Kitty

The Pretty Kitty – Brazilian waxing in Hoboken, NJ

The Pretty Kitty Coming Soon to Hoboken NJ 628 Washington Street - The Pretty KittyTaking place of the doomed Lana Santorelli Gallery at 628 Washington Street is The Pretty Kitty – Brazillian Waxing and Brow Bar.

This “waxing” business has close to a dozen and a half locations around the country, mostly in California, Nevada, and Texas – but have branched out to the east coast, with locations in Watchung and Montclair, NJ – and with this location opening soon in Hoboken.

Take a look what “Pretty Kitty” waxing is all about.

But I’ll take this minute to address the commenter that was angered we used the “R word” for an inanimate object like a parking meter.

Here you have a waxing facility that is clearly using a word that implies something reproductive / sexual.

If you are a parent, and your boy or girl asks “What is The Pretty Kitty? Why do they call it that?” Exactly what would you tell them? You know the synonyms for “Kitty Cat” and so on? Are you going to LIE to your child? Or tell them that “Pretty Kitty” is the same as “Gorgeous Pussy Cat?”

I didn’t think so. Now figure out how to re-introduce the “R word” back into your vernacular. It’s quite helpful.

The Pretty Kitty Hoboken NJ Brazillian Wax Brow Bar - The Pretty Kitty

Description: The Pretty Kitty waxing establishment that makes suggestions that waxing is for female genitalia.
Address: 628 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ, 07030
Phone: TBD

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Saturday, September 27, 2014 4:23 pm

The pictures at the waxing place at Maxwell Place are much more provocative than “Pretty Kitty”. Beware though, I know of soon-to-be mothers who find it necessary to get waxed “down there”. Not a healthy thing! Won’t go into the emergency medical details.

sassy lassie
sassy lassie
Thursday, September 25, 2014 3:29 pm

I don’t have kids I need to explain this to, and I am not “offended” by the name per se. But it gives me a dirty feeling when I walk by. Could never be a patron here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013 3:57 pm

You explain it to your child in an age appropriate way. And yes, sometimes being a parent means you adjust the truth to your child. Maybe it’s a fib. Maybe it’s an all out lie. If your not a parent you may not understand this.

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