Cadillac Cantina

Cadillac Cantina coming soon to Hoboken (old Oddfellow’s spot)

Cadillac Cantina Coming Soon to Hoboken NJ 80 River Street - Cadillac CantinaAs Hoboken411 told you over six months ago, that Oddfellow’s was closing and becoming a “Tex Mex” place. Our new downtown neighbor will be Cadillac Cantina.

It appears that they will be focusing a lot on their drink menu, as they’re getting excited about tequila as well as “specialty margaritas” such as “Island Coconut” and “Fresh Watermelon.”

Opening up a bar / restaurant in Hoboken is nothing new. And regardless of what kind of hype, buzz, or trendy catch-phrases a business uses, it is still just another “bar restaurant.” Cynical people will not get swept up by marketing or PR, they will openly judge a place on core metrics: Quality, taste, value and service. Only after those have been met is it worth it to talk about gimmicky drinks or fanfare. A wacky or creative menu? Great! But it’s pointless if the food sucks, the service blows, and it’s expensive to boot.

So let’s hope the folks at Cadillac Cantina cover all their bases and remain a viable long-term restaurant option after the open up later this summer.

Good luck, Cadillac Cantina!

Cadillac Cantina Hoboken NJ Tex Mex Coming Soon - Cadillac Cantina

Description: Cadillac Cantina bar restaurant. Tex Mex menu, with exotic tequilas and margarita mixed drinks. Formerly home of Oddfellow’s Rest.
Address: 80 River Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)420-7070

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joey maxim
joey maxim
Tuesday, July 9, 2013 1:35 pm

re gard the Cadillac cantina go for it..smack down 20 for a v o and water and get a dime and ten dollar bill back ..ok..was a time when a former showgirl burlesque queen owned the place..Joan rip doll..guess people have no clue what a bottle of v o costs,,the new owners love it,,,ohh gee..enjoy btw it was once called the redheads.good luck new owners.

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