Labruno hates 411


I’m a private citizen not elected to serve the Hoboken residents and taxpayers. I’ve simply provided a site and a forum (for free) with news and discussion about Hoboken and everything that goes on inside it.

However, at last weeks budget hearings, local taxpayer Halley honestly expresses herself about her concerns, feelings, and opinions about what the Hoboken city government could do better. She cited that she gets much of her information from (as well as public speakers at council meetings). Rightly so Halley!

After her session, at-large councilwoman Terry Labruno “gets offended” that 411 was mentioned, and that we’re (collectively) just a bunch of people “talking on the internet” (I’ll “tell” her an email later). She was also incessant that she “hadn’t eaten all day”. Boo friggin Hoo!

I’m not sure what era Ms. Labruno comes from, and she may quite possibly think that “the internet is just a fad”, but here’s a news flash: The days of secrecy and “getting away with” irresponsible governing are over. Technology has finally enabled the masses to communicate in ways never before imagined (except in the worst nightmares of corrupt officials). The racket is over.

The public in Hoboken now has a voice other than the (grossly edited) “letters” section of the local fish-wraps. Tens of thousands of voices are now being heard, and the city does not know how to handle it. It seems as if they’re in permanent “damage control” mode. Good for us!

In less than two years, we’ll have the opportunity to finally make some substantial change in this town. Out with the old, in with the new.

Keep building new condos, please! More voters willing to make a bonafide difference. We’ll handle the traffic, parking and all other issues later. We have the patience to deal with inept government for a little while longer. We’re chipping away, believe me!

Here’s the video where you can see how Labruno (claiming starvation) gets confrontational with the Hoboken taxpayer for supporting the lone entity (me) working 20 hours a day to fill the informational vacuum she helped create:

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[quote comment=”57135″]Dosomethingright, you’re right, it’s closer to over $100,000,000 (but they don’t want you to know that).

How can we educate those in a mile square who aren’t involved? How do we let them know where their taxes are going?[/quote]
maybe we can start by cutting and pasting the best postings on this board and email them to our personal email lists – or even our condo associations for mass distribution. but i suppose condo most associations won’t share their email lists for taxpayer education, right?


Dosomethingright, you’re right, it’s closer to over $100,000,000 (but they don’t want you to know that).

How can we educate those in a mile square who aren’t involved? How do we let them know where their taxes are going?


[quote comment=”56880″][quote comment=”56866″][quote comment=”56774″] 8) A 100-year old infrastructure that cannot handle sewage and stormwater runoff when there is a high tide and . No plan in place to fix it. 9) Less open park space per capita than any metropolitan center in the country, even far less afluent ones like Newark, Detroit and Camden. 10) A City Council which gives tax abatements to friendly developers of the W-Hotel, sitting on the Hudson river and facing New York City. Some of the most valuable real estate in the country. 11) A budget over $90 million when you include the annual one time fixes. 12) A school system that ranks among the lowest test scores and highest pregancy rates in the State, while also spending one of the highest amounts per student in the country ($25K) plus. Plus an arrogant school superintendent who plays nasty politics with the reform School Board members who try to reel him in. 13) A 2-tier property tax system, in which your assessed value depends on how long you’ve lived here (and probably who you know). In effect, newcomcers are subsidizing the city services of those born and raised. BTW, which group do you think uses more cit services. 14) Subsidzied housing for upper middle class city officials making over $100K per year. 15) An municioal workforce that only works a 30-hour week, and gets to bankroll and carryover sick days and retirement days, and then get paid out as a lump sum upon retirement. Same… Read more »


Rappered, nepotism my dear. Nepotism. That’s how.


[quote comment=”56985″]
Additionally, since when are people eligible for full-time benefits working less than full-time hours? Is this typical for all cities? What about the state?
Haha, that’s the funny paradox here – Hoboken employees seem to work about 30 hours a week and earn MORE than their private sector counterparts… I don’t know WHY that should ever be the case, since usually one of the sacrifices you make for taking a government job with all the benefits and lax hours is lower pay… However, we are talking about a town where a SECRETARY earns $90,000 a year!! And I am sure she had numerous qualifications to become the director of the rent control board and keep that high salary… It’s enough to make people want to torch city hall that they are so cavalier about spending our tax dollars like that…