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12/3/2007 Update:

More on Kenner

Here’s more detail as to what motivated Sara Stojkovic to suggest Kenner, LA as a city in need of help. It’s a lot more than her father just “knowing” the Mayor.

Stojkovic and the Southwest Parks Coalition had frequent meetings with then Councilman Chris Campos regarding open space in Hoboken’s 4th Ward (such as the Madison Street Park renovation and other items like the Streetscape Project and the PSE&G substation). After a meeting in August 2005, Campos secured the funding for MSP in September 2005, right as the Katrina events were unfolding on TV. Stojkovic thought it was a good time to step away from the parks issue (as well as bickering and political in-fighting) and focus on assisting those in need down south.

Because her father Jim Goff knew the President of Jefferson Parish and Mayor of Kenner, she found out that Kenner wasn’t receiving aid from FEMA or the Red Cross, despite having no electricity and water. Kenner played a crucial role in support efforts because the airport was used by FEMA, the Army and President Bush. So Stojkovic thought it was a great idea to help fund Kenner with a grassroots effort to get them supplies such as water, batteries, diapers faster than going through bureaucratic organizations such as FEMA or the Red Cross. She hoped that Hoboken’s small town efforts inspired other towns to do the same.

Campos discussed this with other council members, and they agreed. They put forth an emergency resolution at the council meeting on September 7, 2005, and it was approved 9-0.

Additionally, Mayor Roberts commended the various individuals that pitched in at a following council meeting in October, 2005.



“The story that won’t die” about the Hoboken Police Department finding themselves in hot water, with the racism lawsuit and Hooters pictures, continues finding life in the media.

Full-time and dedicated crack reporter Charles Hack of the Journal has been poking around and came up with several new tidbits about this whole debacle. Some you may find of interest, some might just be put in the “yeah, so?” category.

1. Cops weren’t “authorized” to go to LA.

Hoboken SWAT bus

In another shining example of how our city is so grossly mismanaged, it turns out that Hoboken’s squadron of badges weren’t even under the command of the task force that the NJ State police put together. “They were freelancing” said a NJSP spokesman, “They had nothing to do with our deployment.”

The golden nugget of this is that it could mean big trouble for the HPD. According to a source that didn’t want to be identified, since they didn’t obtain approval for this “freelance gig”, they could get charged with “impersonating” an officer if they actually made any arrests. But me thinks that they’ll be off the hook, because they were probably too busy partying!!

2. More fun with guns.

hoboken-police-hooters-louisiana-2.jpgSince no one got hurt, I find this to be less of a big deal, and more of a “don’t be stupid with firearms” PSA.

A photo in the Journal shows Patricia Shane, the wife of Louisiana real estate developer Henry Shane, posing with Hoboken Police Chief Carmen Labruno and other officers while holding an unloaded gun given to her by Lieutenant Angelo Andriani during a “thank you” dinner at their mansion during their first trip in 2005. Andriani said “An unloaded gun is nothing more than a paperweight”.

Mayor Roberts and Councilman Michael Russo were also at this dinner, and claimed they “didn’t see” this incident.

As a friend once told me: “Treat every gun as if it’s loaded”, and never play games even if you think you’re sure there’s no bullet in it.

(picture from the already publicized Hooters trip)

3. How was Kenner picked?

I’d consider this more of a “yeah, so?” piece. Obviously, there were many communities in the southern states that could have used all the help they could get after Hurricane Katrina ravaged the area.

I think helping out a community in need is a noble thing to do (despite doing it “without authorization”). Hack discovered that Kenner was picked based on a suggestion from Southwest Parks Coalition member Sara Stojkovic, who’s father knew Kenner Mayor Capitano. To me, it sounds like the paper is trying to bring this to light as negative news, however, my bet is that if she never suggested it, Hoboken would have never gone to Louisiana to begin with. It always takes an outsider to give the city good ideas (see: the SW6 plan that Stojkovic brought forward – Maybe SHE should be on the city payroll?.)

Mayor Roberts added that Kenner was a good choice because the “two cities have a lot in common” (as metropolitan suburbs.)

This new “breaking news” about the Hoboken PD and their trips to Louisiana pretty much reinforces what we already know very well: Our city is in need of MAJOR CHANGE, and this widely publicized (and embarrassing) news may just be enough to finally make it a reality.

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Where is the picture of the “developer’s wife” holding a firearm with LaBruno? Interesting, considering how Chief LaBruno denies basically everyone who applies for a permit to purchase or carry a firearm that resides in Hoboken “blatantly” permits his officers and civilians to brandish guns – military grade weapons – NOT OVER THE COUNTER GUNS – (As Bill Bergen stated ) haphazardly, without any concern. What is the REAL link between developer Henry Shane and Hoboken? I wonder how much interest this developer has in Hoboken? Did he or does he plan on developing in Hoboken with the blessing of under the table deals having already been put in place? Will Mike Russo’s mom Michelle be the “exclusive real estate agent” on these deals? Russo, LaBruno, and Roberts were all on scene! Having worked in law enforcement myself for 12 years on various levels with various agencies, Lt. Andriani’s comments about civilians permitted to handle police weapons as common and routine are an OUTRIGHT LIE! The first rule of any law enforcement as it pertains to your firearm is NO ONE, NOT EVEN OTHER COPS TOUCH YOUR WEAPON! And I have a news flash for Andriani, an unloaded weapon is still considered dangerous unless broken down into pieces. ANY UNLOADED WEAPON IS TO BE CONSIDERED JUST AS DANGEROUS AS A LOADED WEAPON! Maybe you did not learn that in your police academy class or your little swat training class. The HCP DeFazio claimed there is no criminal acts’ concerning these… Read more »

Since the Mayor was on that trip to Kenner, why didn’t anyone ask him who paid for or authorized the trip? After all, he bears the ultimate responsibility for what happens in this city. The buck stops with him, something he doesn’t seem to realize. Why hasn’t his newest favorite appointee, business administrator Billy Bergin, questioned him about why he went off to Kenner half cocked without checking his facts? Unfortunately, that is his management style, just like illegally hiring Billy for the job. Maybe that’s why Billy doesn’t want to ruffle his feathers. But then again, Billy is loyal only to his own ego, so he may yet put the Mayor on the hot seat. Then the Mayor will find out that he didn’t have to waste more city money by hiring him. Billy is so power hungry he would have paid the city for his job.


They acted like what they hate about St. Patrick’s day in Hoboken.

professor pinetop
professor pinetop

kenner has the airport and suffered – much of the gulf coast suffered. new orleans is a huge cultural center and symbolizes a national tragedy. the entire region was decimated by katrina and to be frank, the fact that our politicians, concerned citizens and yes, some of our police force volunteered to assist an adopted sister city is a good thing.

unfortunately, some of the volunteers forgot that they were our ambassdors of goodwill and acted like drunken, armed baboons in heat. this is a terrible reflection on our police department and in light of the culture of racism and misuse of personel change at the top ought to be considered. blaming anyone for choosing to help the city of kenner is freaking ridiculous.


[quote comment=”56293″]Seems like Russo and Roberts are leaving Sara holding the bag…

[quote comment=”56263″]Shouldn’t Charles Hack have called Sara S. to get her side of the story? Roberts et al are acting like rats that they are and will bring down anyone they can, including the efforts of a community volunteer who I guess just wanted to help. Hack should see through that.[/quote]

…Russo for one, should be asked why he was in these pictures TWO YEARS ago and said NOTHING until now.[/quote]

Ok, so why not ask him point blank?