Sensible Vandalism in Hoboken: READ!

Hoboken vandalism comes in many shapes, even sensible vandalism!

We’ve talked about this before. How vandalism, such as Hoboken graffiti comes in many forms. From the mundane gibberish, to the gang or individual “tags” (signatures), to the wacky political nutjobs. Then we had a string of “positive graffiti,” where the unwanted paint or marker, while still criminal for the most part – expresses some kind of uplifting message, making it harder to condone. What I discovered recently over near Maxwell Place wasn’t graffiti, but just an ill-placed sticker recommending people to READ. I guess this has to be categorized as “sensible vandalism.”

Speaking of reading… In the now almost two years since disconnecting the subscription TV service, the number of books both added to my collection and read by me has skyrocketed. Several hundred now!

Most books are in the “real book” form (either paperback or hardcover), although I finally opened up a Kindle that I was long meaning to give away, because some titles, believe it or not – aren’t available in print! And others, while I could have purchased the real copy, were either free or substantially cheaper on the Kindle. I will always prefer real books, and would never recommend it as an outright replacement – but I guess the Kindle still deserves a place on the modern-day bookshelf.

Reading contiguously (linearly) without distraction has become a “rare art form” thanks to modern technology we get immersed in, hence why I highly recommend the book The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains. (Review coming soon – it will change the way you think.)

How much do you read, and what do you think of randomly placed stickers around town? Just a reminder that we live in a city with various viewpoints and beliefs about what is right and wrong?

Sensible vandalism sticker telling you to READ in Hoboken NJ - Sensible Vandalism in Hoboken: READ!

PS – I could be wrong about this sticker. I cared not to research it, but “READ” could be an acronym for something else, like a band name or even a sinister act. I just shared what my initial reaction was, and it kind of made me happy if the real intention was truly to get people to think about reading more. But regardless if it spreads the word to just a handful of people – we’re already doomed with the technology avalanche bombardment. 10 years from now, “reading” will consist of “I read almost a hundred 140 character status updates today! I’m a scholar! (and mentally exhausted!)”

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Seriously – your name is “bonghitz55”.

I am pretty certain that a freethinking stonner liker yourself has little insight into the real world. Did you accidentally read the Federalist Papers because you thought your were buying rolling papers?

411 – when you read all day at work watching a little TV at home is not a bad way to decompress after hitting the gym and running. Disconnecting is never a prudent thing as it makes one ignorant of what is going on around himself.


Glad you brought this up, I find it enthralling. When most people walk past a sticker or message like this, they don’t have much thought at all. In fact, they don’t think about anything at all. They are actually just victims of society. They believe what they are programmed to believe, act the way they think they should act, and buy the things they are programmed to buy.

Most of society is acting out the role that was designated for them. But, sadly, no one with the exception of a very few realize this. That is what makes me worried.

If I had to suggest some reading, it’d be the whole Federalist Papers, as it shows how close America became to being just as bad as it’s predecessor.

But that doesn’t really matter, because in just a few short years, this amazing country has gone wrong. Most of you won’t understand that until it’s too late.

Take care, guys!