Tervis Cups & Summer: Perfect together

Summer will be complete with Tervis Cups

Considering we’re in the hottest period of the year here in Hoboken, wanted to share something I discovered something recently that is a perfect summer product: Tervis Cups.

If you’re hanging out with friends at a BBQ or picnic, or just sitting on your patio or outdoor deck, there is no doubt you’ll have a nice cold drink. Whether it’s just water, fruit punch or any other kind of beverage or mixed alcoholic drink, I bet you’ve noticed how with regular cups, your ice melts lightning quick in the summer. Especially on a blazing sunny day. These Tervis cups solve the problem!

Tervis Cups recommended for cold and warm drinks

Tervis cups are insulated. Great for cold OR hot drinks

These rugged cups come in many sizes. I prefer the 24 oz. Tervis “tumblers” since they’re the biggest. And they also allow you to make them “portable,” with straws and nifty lids.

Imagine your vodka & soda staying ice-cold for hours on end? (You ought to drink faster if that’s the case) But it’s a nice little luxury to have, especially if ice is hard to come by or you typically run out fast.

They’re dishwasher safe and almost unbreakable, which makes them a pretty good investment too. Oh, did I say they’re also supposed to be good for hot beverages in the winter too? Imagine your coffee or hot cocoa keeping you warm all winter?

Any Tervis owners out there will surely agree – and enjoy them year round. If you’re looking for a functional beverage holder – I’m happy to recommend these guys!

Tervis Tumbler Big T 24oz

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rich k
rich k

So, are there any Hoboken stores that carry these? Battaglia’s? Anyone? Bueller?