Pier C Park a Hoboken enigma

Hoboken’s top enigma – Pier C Park

If there was ever a competition for “most enigmatic Hoboken” situation, Pier C Park would be amongst the leaders.

Pier C Park barely opened just two and a half years ago (I still wish they built a duplicate of Pier A instead). And this odd-shaped parcel of “open space” consists of weird styrofoam mountains that can hardly handle a tropical storm winds, and as a result was closed for about seven months after Hurricane Sandy.

Pier C Park shoddy sod work a Hoboken enigma - Pier C Park a Hoboken enigma

Pier C Park becomes “Crap Grass Gulch”

But as we reported in last weekend’s Hoboken Photo Leftovers, we *thought* the pier was finally getting the finishing touches on what was left of the cleanup and repairs, so we could one again enjoy this slice of serenity without the distractions of contractors and heavy vehicles.

Well, it didn’t take but a week – for the grass sod to completely DIE.

Now, instead of Styrofoam Mountain Action Park – we can now call it “Crap Grass Gulch.”

The city will pay to have it ripped out and done all over once again. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Who vets our vendors out? Where’s the QC?

Pier C Park grass dies within one week of installation - Pier C Park a Hoboken enigma

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When city contractors are no better than apes on the take, keep your expectations low.


Pier C was damaged by the storm surge, not wind.


I was hoping the damage done by Sandy would result in getting rid of the stupid mounds everywhere. That park is most inefficient use of space ever. Why put mounds there so that no one can sit on the grass and read a book? It’s like they intentionally made it difficult for the public to stop and sit and relax in that park. I don’t understand it at all. As for the “repair”, it is typical half ass Hoboken work. Whoever is in charge of the landscaping etc should be fired. Every year, I see new sod, bushes, or trees planted in parks and around town that are planted and never watered. Two years ago someone thought July was te perfect time to plant dozens of trees around town and then not water them. Half died. Waste of money.