City parking offenders: OK or not?

How would you handle city parking offenders in Hoboken?

City Parking Offenders in Hypocritical Hoboken NJYou would think the main foundations for “parking rules,” are for one, for the interest in public safety, and two to be obeyed by all persons owning or operating a motor vehicle, government included. With the exception of pure emergency calls (police, fire, DPW), all other violations of these so-called parking rules would be “breaking the law,” right? Well – judging by the number of city parking offenders who violate the rules without “paying,” it makes this whole thing a scam, and a “legalized” form of thuggery that pretty much everyone has allowed (enablers).

And it’s not just Hoboken city vehicles, but all sorts of “official” cars, minivans, and trucks from various government agencies from the county and state, too. But the worst is how the HPU double parks to hand out double-parking tickets. Asinine.

The message they give is that “lawmakers” and their employees are essentially above the law. This renders the “law” useless, especially if one of the reasons is for that of public safety. There is no balance in this equation. You think they’ll ever pay YOU cash out of the city budget if you report an illegally parked municipal vehicle?

Not going to happen. Because they only want you to believe these laws are in the best interest of the public. Not true. It’s purely for the pickpocketing of ordinary people who otherwise have caused no harm.

About Hoboken Parking: City Offender Zone

The City Offender Zone feature on Hoboken411 was created over six years ago in order to build a historical collection of ridiculous parking circumstances that are somehow connected with the city of Hoboken. Whether it’s Hoboken council people who think they’re “above the law,” city programs that are abused or misused, or just plain hypocrisy in your face.

You see any city parking offenders you want to make public? Send Hoboken411 an email with photo, description and how you’d like to be credited (if at all.)

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No wonder the government is the largest employer.