Hoboken Week(s) in Review – 12/2/2007


Happy Holidays to the 100’s of new readers that have signed up since the last Hoboken Week in Review. It’s been a couple weeks, and I’ve decided to mix up the format a bit today.

Instead of various featured stories that were covered recently, I’ve taken the Top 20 most commented posts published or “bumped” in the past three weeks. So catch up on the “hot talk” in case you missed anything!

hoboken411 week in review top 20 edition - Hoboken Week(s) in Review - 12/2/2007

Hottest topics in the past three weeks

  1. 4th Ward Election (2576 comments)
    Politics seems to get a lot of people talking
    (but don’t forget the Rant Corner (2277 comments) where you can bitch and moan about anything)
  2. Drinky Drink (527)
    Former 4th Ward Councilman Chris Campos delays his DUI trial once again
  3. Hooters! (499)
    Racy photos appear and Hoboken PD makes national news.
  4. City Council Meeting 11/21/2007 (216)
    Was going strong till I had to shut down the comments because it got unnecessarily ugly.
  5. Rogo’s Bar (139)
    Recently remodeled watering hole.
  6. Toll Brothers (113)
    A big real estate developer in Hoboken
  7. City Diner (99)
    New 24-hour diner coming to downtown Hoboken
  8. SW6 Parks Initiative (94)
    Political battles ensue for the future of the southwest area of town.
  9. Yapple’s: Doomed (88)
    Corner juice bar, tanning salon, and oxygen bar fell victim to the Hoboken permit process.
  10. More on the Latino cops suing Hoboken (79)
    The Latino Alliance reaches out to the state Attorney General for help.
  11. Board of Eduction meeting (77)
    More town politics
  12. City Budget Hearings (76)
    Can you imagine how many comments there’d be if bacon was a budget line item?
  13. SWAT this! (76)
    Hoboken’s SWAT team dismantled after those Hooters pictures surfaced.
  14. Lackawanna Train Terminal (68)
    Millions spent restoring the clock on the historical train station.
  15. Hoboken “Damage Control” (63)
    Mayor Roberts hires an old friend to “keep an eye” on things with the cops & firemen.
  16. Oscar survived! (59)
    My dog ate rat poison, but is doing well.
  17. Trees in all the wrong places (56)
    The city places trees in strategic places in the park, effectively ruining the “open space”.
  18. Decapitated! (49)
    A murdered chicken is suspected to be a victim of a freaky ritual.
  19. Fire the Mayor? (46)
    The readers discuss the pros and cons of removing David Roberts from office. A HUGE majority think he should be tossed.
  20. People don’t appreciate good deeds (46)
    A local community group gives to the community, but proceeds to get blasted for a syntax error.

Enjoy the cold weather!

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don’t know if the announcement was posted elsewhere just saw this on the web, re: the City Council meeting this week:

City Council meeting moved to tomorrow
“The City Council meeting initially scheduled for Wednesday has been moved to tomorrow to avoid a conflict with Hanukkah, city spokesman Bill Campbell said.

Here’s a look at the agenda. Note one of the items on the agenda for first reading: “An ordinance amending rates for garages owned by the city of Hoboken.” That, and the next item about taxi cabs, both appear to be related to Mayor David Roberts’s budget proposals – he suggested raising rates at municipal garages (which are mostly used by non-resident commuters) and raising $1 million by issuing more taxi medallions (at the last auction, they raised a little over $1 million by selling five medallions).”


Hey 411. I like this format. It allows me to see some posts that I actually missed and pulls together the hot topics. Maybe you can do this weekly and even throw in the ones that you feel need to be brought to our attention. I would also like to see a “Happening this Week” post. If an event is time sensitive but was posted a couple of weeks ago it can go into the “Happening this Week” pile on Sunday so we have a guide to the events that we may have forgoten about and will be happening in the coming week. Just a thought.