Wrong truck visits Pier 13

Not the kind of “food truck” you want at Pier 13 in Hoboken

Pier 13 Septic Issues in Hoboken NJOh boy, what a calamity that took place over at Pier 13 uptown this past weekend.

As many of you know, Pier 13 has now become a “destination” in Hoboken. Not only to residents, who thoroughly enjoyed this place in peace back when they first started, but now out-of-towners flock in droves. From girls flaunting their “sun dresses” to dudes looking to hook up, you can almost say that Pier 13 is Hoboken’s version of Jenkinson’s down at the Jersey Shore. Take it as you will.

However, we went to check it out this past weekend for a quick drink. But besides becoming a bit dismayed at the ridiculously long line for drinks, a sudden BAD smell overcame the pier. Apparently, the septic system got severely backed up (what are these people eating anyway?) and that resulted in very limited use of the facilities. Zuidema Septic had to be called for an emergency “fix,” which took them a couple hours to rectify.

As a result, many residents in neighboring apartment buildings in the Shipyard Complex began calling Hoboken Police, because the folks at Pier 13 couldn’t “hold it in” while they waiting on lines for the limited facilities – and began “watering” the area with urine.

Perhaps the folks at Pier 13 should consider “emergency Port-O-John’s” that can be quickly utilized if this septic situation happens again in the future. While residents wouldn’t be thrilled with the unsightly portable toilets, I’m sure they’d prefer those over public urination in the parks they bring their kids to.

Another weekend in Hoboken!

Septic truck at Pier 13 Hoboken NJ

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that septic situation is crappy circumstance on that poopy pier. 🙄