Great sunsets in Hoboken

All year you get great sunsets in Hoboken

The difference between sunset photographs and seeing them in person is profound. No matter how awesome the sunset was to your two eyes, you can never ever come even remotely close to capturing that feeling with a camera. Even an IMAX movie in 3D will never replicate the true feeling of being there in the flesh for that momentary period of awesomeness. That said, we’re very fortunate to have some great sunsets in Hoboken to enjoy.

They happen quite often, whether with the majestic NYC skyline as a backdrop – or just our ordinary mile square city as prop to the mighty sky that Mother Nature has provided for our viewing pleasure.

Below is a pic a Hoboken411 reader recently shot from a midtown rooftop looking south towards the Newport area of Jersey City. Click to see the larger image.

Hoboken Sunset Late Spring 2013 SM - Great sunsets in Hoboken

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