Free Pilates classes at Elysian Park

Former YMCA Pilates instructor offers free class in Hoboken

Amy Valent-Ribot, who used to teach Pilates over at the still-defunct Hoboken YMCA – is back again for 2013, offering some free classes over at Elysian Park the next few Wednesday evenings.

“The Outdoor Summer Pilates Series” is 100% free. All you need to do is head to the park around 7pm Wednesday, June 19 & 26, and July 10th (near the flagpole in the back). Just bring your body and a yoga mat and you’re all set!”

You can also sign up at Amy’s website:

Free Pilates at Elysian Park in Hoboken NJ Amy Valent Ribot - Free Pilates classes at Elysian Park

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