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Progressive “business summit” tonight in Hoboken

Received an email from John Bredin recently. He wanted exposure for his “historic” first “ethical business summit meeting” tonight in town. I wasn’t sure if I felt comfortable promoting, since words and phrases like “socially conscious,” “the planet” and “right wing” peppered his announcement. But I’ll share nonetheless, and you can attend this free seminar whether you agree or disagree with what is being discussed.

Where are seminars like “preserving individuality” and “how to survive the tumultuous global economy?”

Ethical Business Summit Meeting Hoboken NJ

Hoboken’s Historic 1st Ethical Business Summit Meeting

  • Meet, dialogue, and strategize with other socially conscious, ethically grounded business people who believe making money ought to go together with making the world a better place.
  • Help build a progressive counterweight to right-wing corporate interventions like the Business Roundtable and U.S. Chamber of Commerce.
  • Learn more about the U.N. proposal for a new triple bottom-line that values people and the planet along with profits.

Sponsored by educator and ethical business pioneer John Bredin, founder of the Ethical Business Society, and author of The Ethical Sales Agent: A Transformative Sales Pedagogy to Liberate Corporate Culture & Save America.

Meeting takes place at Symposia Bookstore, 510 Washington St., 7 pm, Tuesday June 18. Space is limited so please RSVP at Light refreshments will be served.

John Bredin Ethical Business Summit Meeting Hoboken NJ

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