Pier C Park Update

11/13/2010 Update:

Pier C Park now partially open in Hoboken New Jersey  - Pier C Park Update

Pier C Park partially open in Hoboken

As you read first in the Hoboken411 Twitter feed yesterday – Pier C Park is now “partially” open to the public. After three years of fumbling and bumbling, Hoboken finally has some extra open space to stroll along the waterfront. One ramp to the walkway and seating areas is open – but the playground area is still cordoned off.

I personally think it’s a nice spot to soak up NYC skyline views and a refreshing breeze (although I still think it would have been better – and more functional – to make another Pier A Park instead.) Many residents I spoke with had a rather cynical opinion about the new waterfront attraction, essentially shrugging their shoulders and moving on. While others were actually surprised it even opened “Amazing! Check for flying pigs!”

The park is not accessible 24 hours a day, but rather just open from 8am to 10pm. Expect to hear calls on the Hoboken411 Live Police and Fire Action Channel often about unauthorized access on the pier after hours, with 50% of those calls being for the troubled Pier C Jumper.

See full photo gallery below:


6/12/2010 Update:

No Park until at least fall….

Proof positive that the city can’t handle even a 90% complete construction project without blaming others (which is another failed campaign promise “The time for finger-pointing and blaming has passed.”)

Pier C Park will likely not open to the public until after the summer.

6/8/2010 Update:

Pier C Park almost done. Yawn.

10 months ago, the city administration said Pier C Park would be open on October First. One new baby later, it’s still not open. The latest date is “July 1st.” Me suspects that the ribbon and scissors were on backorder. Either way, once it opens, the hullabaloo with the new park will be a welcome refreshment for city officials, as it will take your mind off the growing tax bills for a few seconds.

Brown grass already? Not even open yet!

Hoboken411 reader Jason had this to say:
“I was laughing when our nanny said to us when do you think that new park will open. I told her its been in the works for over 5 years. Walked by and could not believe its not open yet and the GRASS is already dying, I mean c’mon don’t they know how to install a sprinkler system in our parks to keep the grass nice?

I’m not expert on Parks but the first thing I would do is get rid of the parks department except for one person to manage it so we don’t have to pay pensions for these guys forever! Have the head of the parks hire landscapers instead and install sprinkler systems in our parks to keep the grass growing how hard could it be?”

4/22/2010 Update:

EIC re-opens waterfront walkway

With all of the heavy construction done at Pier C Park – the contractor of the project (EIC Associates) – was finally able to re-open the waterfront walkway that has been closed for years. We won’t get into who you should blame for how long this has dragged on – or exactly when the park will open.

Walkway by Pier C Park open Hoboken NJ - Pier C Park Update

4/2/2010 Update:

Is Pier C Park safe for kids (or drunks?)

Some light work has been going on at Pier C Park along waterfront in Hoboken as of late. So it’s quite likely it’ll be open for this summer.

Pier C Park Slide Hoboken NJ Death Trap - Pier C Park Update

However, considered the wacky St. Patrick’s Day drunks that jumped into the river (see that story after the break), and the several emails received recently about the safety of this tube contraption on the pier – that it warrants today’s Good Friday Poll!

[poll id=”110″]

3/18/2010 Update:

St. Patrick’s Day park lovers?

Hoboken411 reader Keith spotted this interesting situation over at the (still not really open) Pier C Park yesterday!

“I was taking a walk along Hoboken’s waterfront this afternoon when I noticed two people (visibly drunk) using the slide on Pier C. They must of climbed over the railing to get on. They hung out in the park for about 10 minutes and then instead of climbing back over the railing to get back to the walkway, they decided to go for a little swim in the Hudson. Wish I captured a better picture of the female as she exited the water. Let’s just say she was sloppy (and I am not talking about how drunk she was) Idiots doesn’t even begin to explain these two.”

12/30/2009 Update:

Pier C Park sure is a nice river ornament!

Just another periodic update regarding the “much coveted” Pier C Park in Hoboken!

Since city hall doesn’t allow sunshine in, we don’t know what the holdup is – so I’m sticking with the original word I got from the contractor themselves: They’re not getting paid promptly, and that is why this project has lagged on for forever and a day+.

Hoboken Pier C Park is cold and lonely in the winter - Pier C Park Update

But I’m certain it’ll be complete just in time for a blossoming spring ribbon-cutting! Whoo hoo!
(wait, 411 – then what happens? We walk onto the pier and say “OK, I saw it – let’s grab a beer!”?
Yep! This pier doesn’t make or break our lives in the Mile Square!)

11/13/2009 Update:

Like watching grass grow

Boy, it sure would be nice when Pier C Park finally opens – not so much for the odd-shaped excuse for “open space,” but strolling on the waterfront without having to walk in the street. Then again, it’s not like we can walk all the way around anyway – as Sinatra park is screwed up as well.

Some still think the delay may be because the contractor (EIC Associates) is having problems getting paid. Whatever, not my problem. Let’s take a poll instead:

[poll id=”73″]

10/15/2009 Update:

Almost done? When will it open?

Lights are up, most of the work seems completed, except for some sidewalk work at Pier C Park… I wonder if the Vegas bookmakers were correct about the “7 days within election day” call they made?

With inclement weather for the next few days – plus more possible rain next week, will they be able to open prior to November 3rd?

pier c progress october 15 2009 hoboken nj - Pier C Park Update


10/8/2009 Update:

Missed deadline – so when will it open?

Originally, the “powers that be” at Hoboken City Hall expected Pier C Park to open up on October 1st. Well – it is now a week later – and judging by the state of the project, they still have at least a few more weeks left at the minimum.

Reminds me of how former Mayor David Roberts used to schedule big ribbon-cuttings right near election time for free press exposure, etc.. Hmmm… wonder if this is the same situation. My Vegas contact put the even money odds on “within 7 days of November 3rd.”

pier c construction project hoboken nj october 8 2009 - Pier C Park Update

9/10/2009 Update:

Will the new pier open in 21 days?

City Officials said last month, that they hoped Pier C Park would be open by October First.

Judging by these pictures taken a few days ago – I’d be very impressed if they could pull it off.

hoboken pier c construction progress september 2009 1 150x150 - Pier C Park Updatehoboken pier c construction progress september 2009 2 150x150 - Pier C Park Update

8/13/2009 Update:

Aiming for October 1st Opening…

According to Hoboken City Officials – the (sort-of) much anticipated Pier C Park is expected to open on October 1st, 2009. This of course, is dependent on the delivery of a certain part from our friends in Germany. Hopefully no pirates hijack the ship…

8/6/2009 Update:

Will be great during winter snow storms

Seems like the fire has been lit under the feet of the Pier C Park project – as construction looks like it’s picking up. Workers on scene said it should be ready by the fall.

I for one, would think it’d be a great place to sit during a massive blizzard. Don’t know why I thought that. But I do wonder if this pier will have limited hours, or will it be accessible 24 hours like Pier A Park?

7/6/2009 Update:

Six months overdue

I highly doubt I’d be a “fanatical” user of the new Pier C Park when it’s eventually completed – but I sure will appreciate when the sidewalk re-opens, so I don’t have to jeopardize my life each time I walk on Sinatra Drive!

Anyway – I got a bit of a hint of why it’s taking so long from some construction workers on the project…

pier c park progress in hoboken nj very slow - Pier C Park Update

“It’s all &*$%*&’d up!”

EIC Associates originally estimated that Pier C Park would be completed by December of 2008. What the heck is the problem?

Last week, I asked one (somewhat English-challenged) worker on scene when he thought the pier would finally be ready to open – “Dunno – couple month?” was his response. Not too helpful. However, I bumped into another worker going to his pickup a bit later and asked the same question.

“It’s a disaster. The whole project is (expletive) up! The city pretty much stopped paying us – and he (the owner) cannot afford to pay enough guys to work. They’re jerking us around!”

Hmmm. Wonder what the city did with the money slated for Pier C? And can the new Mayor (and council) get to the bottom of it?

6/17/2009 Update:

How much time is left?

Seems like quite a bit of work is left on Pier C still… and I’m wondering when they’ll be completed. Will they be done before the end of summer?

[poll id=”16″]

hoboken pier c construction progress june 2009 - Pier C Park Update

See previous updates going years back – below…

4/15/2009 Update:

Looking greener by the week

Today’s Readerpix entry is a construction progress photo of Pier C Park taken by a Hoboken411 reader who recently visited the newly opened W Hotel!

“View of Pier C from the W Hotel on Sunday. Looks like they have the sod and trees in already. Also, and an awesome slide for the kids! Maybe it will be open by summer?”

hoboken pier c construction progress april 2009 - Pier C Park Update

2/16/2009 Update:

Will Pier C be done before election time?

Here’s one of the regular photo updates of the construction progress of Pier C Park, which started about 14 months ago.

While I’m all for more open space along the water, at one point I felt like it looked more like a zoo exhibit they were building (you know, for polar bears or something.)


10/20/2008 Update:

A Project Engineer (from EIC Associates) sent Hoboken411 this awesome shot of the Pier C construction progress from the top of their crane!

hoboken pier c from above - Pier C Park Update

Thanks Mark!

See previous construction updates below…

10/13/2008 Update:

hoboken pier c progress october 2008 1 - Pier C Park Update

Figured I’d add a few snapshots of the ongoing work over at the Pier C Park along the water.

I noticed all these pink foam pieces being loaded onto the pier. Was very curious as to what they were (thinking it had something to do with grass, etc.) – and asked some workers what it was:

“It’s filler foam. They used that in place of additional concrete – as it costs less.”

Hmm, I wondered – is that part of the reason why some Hoboken piers collapse?

hoboken pier c progress october 2008 3 - Pier C Park Update
hoboken pier c progress october 2008 2 - Pier C Park Update

5/21/2008 Update:

For those that hardly make it down to the water, here’s some recent pictures of the construction of Pier C park. Figured I’d post them before they become too outdated. “Super-Sized” scissors will be required for this ribbon cutting, whenever that will be.


Some morning fill here. Some pics I took in the past couple days, plus (against what I said before,) one of the renderings of the park.


In 30 minutes, the Mayor will have a feel-good groundbreaking/ribbon-cutting ceremony down at the future site of “Pier C” park. There is still no timetable as to when this much talked about Pier will be completed.

It should be noted that I will no longer use those old renderings of the pier. There will be no sand volleyball court, and even the fishing pier is in jeopardy, since escalating costs have forced the design to be scaled back.

I’d prefer it to be just another Pier A. Call it “Pier A-2”.

hoboken pier c groundbreaking - Pier C Park Update


As the Mayor has promised (for the umpteenth time), work has finally begun on oft talked about Pier C Park on Third and Sinatra. Bonding for the park was finally secured in September 2007.

The barge was being setup to start pile-driving, and the area was cordoned off to pedestrians (no warning for joggers, though, many had run up to the blockades and had to turn around).

See a few more perspectives after the jump.

pier c hoboken november 29 2007 7 - Pier C Park Update

hoboken pier c park hoboken411 - Pier C Park Update

pier c hoboken november 29 2007 6 - Pier C Park Update
pier c hoboken november 29 2007 5 - Pier C Park Update

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Another “been there done that” moment in Hoboken. Next!


Walked past the “park” last night on my way home and noticed from afar a couple people on the perimeter walkway and all the railings lit up, thinking that at long last – and just in time for winter! – the park had opened without fanfare. Turns out it was just a photographer snapping some pics.

The park has looked complete for some time now, and thanks to 411 we even know the City has hosted school children to try out the playground. What on earth are they waiting for?


Maybe they had some concerns that had the Pier been placed just a few blocks down it would have been the site of a plane crash landing.[quote comment=”199756″]Walked past the “park” last night on my way home and noticed from afar a couple people on the perimeter walkway and all the railings lit up, thinking that at long last – and just in time for winter! – the park had opened without fanfare. Turns out it was just a photographer snapping some pics.The park has looked complete for some time now, and thanks to 411 we even know the City has hosted school children to try out the playground. What on earth are they waiting for?[/quote]


It’s been longer than 5 years. I took photos of the old Pier C being demolished in 2001.



Now if only we had a public advocacy group in Hoboken that could fight to get the crumbling walkways repaired and reopen the rest of the waterfront walkway in Sinatra and Castle Point parks.


Why don’t you start the group?

In response to homeworld who said:


Now if only we had a public advocacy group in Hoboken that could fight to get the crumbling walkways repaired and reopen the rest of the waterfront walkway in Sinatra and Castle Point parks.


OK. Would you like to join?

In response to youme66 who said:

Why don’t you start the group?


No, I already belong to too many organizations in town that want my money and time, and I can’t remember the last time I used the waterfront walkway. it’s not a priority on my To Do list.

You should reach out to the local running groups and the bike group in town who all use the walkway daily or weekly.

In response to homeworld who said:

OK. Would you like to join?


Hey JC Frqankie- Did Frozen Monkey ever pay you or did they skip on you?