New Hoboken garbage trends

Hoboken garbage trends: What have you noticed?

When you notice events or situations repeating themselves over a period of time – you have identified an obvious “trend.” Some reliable trends in Hoboken are the bad potholes that regularly pop up, political buffoons, drunk bar antics, and the increase of baby strollers. And another trend people are noticing, is the poor trash handling, that often leaves our streets quite unsightly. But did you know there are some new Hoboken garbage trends emerging?

Electronic cigarette cartridges

A lot of people now are switching over to the “electronic cigarettes.” These are “smoke free” devices that allow smokers to get a nicotine fix, without igniting a tobacco product like cigarettes or cigars. Instead, this electronic copycat mimics the smoking action by electrically charging an atomizer which vaporizes the chemicals. We even have a store dedicated to this product (Smokeless Image.)

But instead of “butts” littering the streets (which eventually get broken down into smaller particles over time), I have been noticing many of these metal or plastic cartridges. These probably won’t be going anywhere soon.

Electronic cigarette garbage near 9th Street in Hoboken NJ - New Hoboken garbage trends

Shotgun shells!

This is a bit disturbing. I mean I’m all for responsibly owning a firearm, such as for hunting, personal protection. But in a city environment like Hoboken – there is little to no need to discharge a weapon on the streets.

One trend I’ve noticed a bit more than I’d like – is shotgun shells. I’ve seen maybe 8 to 10 in various parts of Hoboken over the past couple months. Mostly west of Willow Ave. Are people really shooting guns? Where would these be coming from anyway?

Shotgun shell near 11th and Grand in Hoboken NJ - New Hoboken garbage trends

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013 4:50 pm

Hard to tell from the pictures but those could be from a construction project used to drive nails into concrete.

Monday, June 17, 2013 4:18 pm

The natives are getting restless.

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