Macy’s Balloon Studio – Then & Now

Then & Now: Macy’s Balloon Studio in Hoboken, NJ

Macy's Balloon Studio almost gone from Hoboken NJ - Thanks to Rockefeller GroupAs many of you who live or travel uptown in Hoboken already know – the landscape is getting leveled. One such area is the three blocks owned by the Rockefeller Group. And on one of those blocks was the famed Macy’s Balloon Studio, where up until a few years ago – all the well-known Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade icons were designed, made and stored.

Well – the purpose of today’s photo entry is to document what used to go on in the studio back in the day – and show you what the current state of the building is today (while there are still some recognizable features left to be had!)

Once it’s been removed entirely – it will look like almost any empty lot (minus the stunning NYC skyline as a background).

Macy’s Balloon Studio – a warehouse of fun & creativity

In the photo gallery below – various photos of the old warehouse brimming with warmth, happiness and creative energy. You couldn’t tell from the outside, but there was lots of love within these walls!

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Tearing down the house – Macy’s Balloon Studio almost gone

And in this gallery – we have some recent shots of the demolition taking place. Slowly but surely, the buildings on this property will only exist in our hearts, memories (and photographs).

As an anecdote, I learned that part of the reason Rockefeller may have decided to level this property – even without an approved building plan – is apparently because taxes are diminished greatly once the structures are removed. Not my problem either way.

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Well – another piece of Hoboken’s “Character” whisked away!

Macy's Balloon Studio gone from Hoboken NJ 2013

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Never knew what it looked like on the inside. Where did the studio go?


Moonachie, NJ[quote comment=”220978″]Never knew what it looked like on the inside. Where did the studio go?[/quote]


It was a great place to work, a great place to play, and a place where we kept a great tradition alive. I’ll always miss that Studio.[quote comment=”220981″]Moonachie, NJ[/quote]