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Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt – Warm-up contest

As any dog will show you, a good stretch and warm up is essential before a walk. And we’re warming up for the Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt on Saturday, July 13 with a drawing for some really neat prizes.

Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt for dogs July 2013 2

To enter, stop by any of our local sponsors and use your smartphone to scan the QR code on the Sniff and Mark posters. Or “like” us on Facebook before midnight on Friday, July 12.

Prizes include:

  • $55 Cozy Cuts Pet Grooming
  • $50 Dog Collar Boutique
  • PetHub Premium Protection Package
  • A Dog Wash at Hoboken Dog Wash

Winners will be announced on Facebook. Prizes will be ready for pick up at Cornerstone Pets on Saturday, July 13.

Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt

Prizes you and your dog will appreciate
6/24/2013 Update:

“What can we win?”

There are less than three weeks to go before the start of the scavenger hunt you play with your dog, and people have naturally been asking about the prizes.

Since it’s a one-of-kind event, the participants deserve some awesome prizes. We’re proud of our local and online sponsors and thankful for their generosity.

Each week, we’ll have cool give-away items and drawings for prizes from vendors like PetHub, Earth Rated, Hound Around, BioBag, Hoboken Dog Wash, Wag’n’Load, and D’s soul full café.

Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt for dogs July 2013

Great Prizes for playing Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt

Collect all the pieces of the Hoboken puzzle to enter your dog in the grand drawing on August 10 for a chance to win:

  • a custom pet portrait of your dog by Lili Chin of
  • cool dog stuff from RuffWear
  • a $150 family package from the Hoboken Historical Museum
  • a $100 gift card from Cornerstone Pets
  • $50 gift cards from Dog Collar Boutique
  • TLC packages at Cozy Cuts Pet Grooming
  • 6 months delivery of eco-friendly poop bags by Poop Bag Club
  • doggie day care from Hoboken Unleashed
  • veterinary care from Animal Infirmary of Hoboken

Get ready to play for great prizes. The Scavenger Hunt begins on July 13.

Thank you to all the Hoboken dogs and their owners who have started playing Sniff and Mark on their iPhone.

Get the free app on your iPhone today.

Sniff and Mark, the Hoboken Scavenger Hunt

6/17/2013 Update:

This summer, play the Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt with your dog. Using the clues that will be announced each week, you can collect the virtual puzzle pieces around the Mile Square City to assemble the City Map of Hoboken from 1881. There will be give-away items and prizes each week, and the players who complete the puzzle will be entered into the drawing for generous prizes.

Check out the actual historical map and lots more, as well as other exhibits at the Hoboken Historical Museum (1301 Hudson Street). In addition to allowing Sniff and Mark to use the map for the scavenger hunt puzzle, the Hoboken Historical Museum contributed one of the great prize packages as well.

Check this space next week to find out more about this fun summer event.

The Scavenger Hunt starts on Saturday, July 13.

Sniff and Mark Hoboken Scavenger Hunt

Sniff and Mark: Fun app for you and your dog in Hoboken!


Have you seen the “Sniff and Mark” app in the Apple Store yet?

Well, Sniff and Mark is a FREE “territory game” you can play with your dog, marking where they do their business when out on walks. The app is loaded with milestones, badges, messaging and even ways to win prizes. They’re “launching” this app here in Hoboken with a special “Scavenger Hunt” next month, complete with bonuses provided by local merchants. Read on for more!

Sniff and Mark app for dogs badges

Sniff and Mark, the Hoboken Scavenger Hunt

“Sniff and Mark is the territory game you play with your dog. This summer, join in the experience of the Hoboken Scavenger Hunt. “Mark” along with your dog on your daily walks to unlock badges and discover the Hoboken of 1881 as you collect the special Hoboken map pieces. Our generous sponsors have contributed great prizes for our contest.”

The Scavenger Hunt starts on Saturday, July 13.

Sniff and Mark, Hoboken Scavenger Hunt sponsors include:

  • Cornerstone Pets
  • Hoboken Historical Museum
  • Dog Collar Boutique
  • Hoboken Unleashed
  • Earth Rated
  • Cozy Cuts Pet Grooming
  • BioBag
  • Hoboken Dog Wash
  • PetHub
  • Animal Infirmary of Hoboken
  • PoopBagClub
  • D’s Soul Full Café
  • Full House Printing
  • Sniff and Mark app scavenger hunt Hoboken 1

    Have fun!

    The dogs behind Sniff and Mark

    Sniff and Mark Skippy Vizsla“It started when Skippy was 2 months old. Skippy was born in Connecticut. On our drive home with him, we stopped at the first New York exit on the Merritt Parkway to let Skippy mark NY as his territory. Our next stop was home in New Jersey. We’ve been sniffing and marking states with Skippy ever since. Today, Skippy’s territory is 18 states.

    Soon, the whole family was playing. Eddy (my sister’s hound) built up a nice territory around Ohio and then added a bunch of states (15) as the family moved from Ohio to Texas. George (my brother’s bulldog) enjoyed stopping in all the states (11) on his trip from Florida to Hoboken.

    Soon, our friends – young and old – were playing, too. All of a sudden, trips to visit grandma in Vermont became more exciting. We kept track on an excel spreadsheet, which was OK, but something was missing. That’s when we got the idea for the app. We wanted a nice way of playing our state territory game with neat graphics, badges and stats. We’ve added local play and interaction with neighborhood Sniff and Mark dogs, as well as a few surprises.

    We hope you enjoy playing Sniff and Mark as much as we do. Sniff and Mark is available for the iPhone on the Apple App Store and on

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