Hoboken Screwdriver attack on video

Nutjobs USA: Hoboken screwdriver attack caught on video

Hoboken screwdriver attack caught on video near muller insuranceBack in March – Hoboken411 was the first to tweet everyone about the lunatic who was threatening pedestrians with a screwdriver near 10th & Washington Streets. Now, we have that Hoboken screwdriver attack on video – courtesy of Muller Insurance (who also caught that flower trashing douchebag on security video).

What exactly makes people go nuts like this these days anyway? What are they so frustrated and angry about?

Part of me thinks many of these so-called nutjobs are just byproducts of society in general. The crooked government. Our unsustainable economy and deliberate welfare state. Over-prescribed medication. The warped images coming out of the TV sets and other media sources. Most of all, I believe, it’s that most people these days don’t have a real purpose in life.

Not sure what this guy’s deal was precisely. But his anger was unmanageable and he went off on the deep end in front of both pedestrians and security cameras.

Good job once again for Hoboken Police and their great response time, despite being short staffed.

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Friday, June 7, 2013 3:16 pm

Soon the screwdriver lunge will be incorporated into Zumba classes.

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