Wow! Movies in Hoboken?


I was busy doing super double-secret agent stuff most of today, but a reader sent this semi-interesting “what is that equipment for?” photo in. You decide if it’s “important”.

Her friend (who works on the set) said that they filmed a brief and insignificant scene for a movie called “Two Lovers” (some dopey romantic flick) in the Lana Lounge this afternoon. It “stars” Gwyenth Paltrow an Joaquin Phoenix. It was for a scene inside Lana Lounge, which will make movie-goers believe it was in Brooklyn.

I’m sure they’ll be very apologetic to the increased traffic jams. Don’t expect a fruit basket in your mail before Christmas.

gwyneth paltrow jaoquin phoenix hoboken movie nov 2007 - Wow! Movies in Hoboken?

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Residents of Kensignton Avenue in Jersey City, many of whom were upset that parking has been eliminated on their street to accomodate a movie set, will get more parking than originally planned, as well as a 24-hour police presence for people walking back from their cars. Trucks for the movie, starring Gwyneth Paltrow and Joaquin Phoenix, were parked along Kensington, between Kennedy Boulevard and West Side Avenue, today as crew members unloaded equipment in preparation for filming the romantic drama “Two Lovers” at the Gloria Gables apartment building. Residents were informed tonight by fliers distributed to them that they will be allowed to park on the north side of Belmont Avenue, between Kennedy Boulevard and West Side Avenue, and on Belmont between West Side and the fountain in Lincoln Park during filming, Monday through Friday. Residents can also park in Lincoln Park up to but not in the traffic circle, and after tomorrow, the crew’s roughly 80 trucks will be parked in the park to reduce the disruption. The fliers also said that a 24-hour police detail, at the film prodcuer’s expense, will provide security on Belmont and Kensington for residents walking to and from their cars. The building being used for the movie was chosen, in part, because it has an interior courtyard, across which Paltrow and Phoenix’s characters will talk from their rooms, crew members said. New Jersey locations — the crew filmed in Hoboken earlier this week — are also desirable because the filmmakers are getting a… Read more »


Look at the Domino Sugar factory in Brooklyn as an example of reusing a building.

Tama Murden

Re 19. & 21., wine/bin: Instead of “get real” & “…arguing with such people,” how about a lively discussion with the caveat of agreeing to disagree? A far more interesting world, when we all don’t like the same things. For example, I’m sure some people adore Gwyneth Paltrow…. Yes, I preferred pre-Disneyfied Times Square. And yes, pre-homogenized Hoboken. For me, getting real: The “burned out buildings” were mostly courtesy of greedy developers (e.g., “Delivered Vacant”). The “crumbling docks,” courtesy of the Port Authority deliberately destroying Hoboken’s waterfront industry, while also violating its lease agreement regarding maintenance. Only to return to reap the development rewards for its negligence, with the City Fathers’ go-ahead (& probable pay-off). Despite 2 public referenda denying the Port Authority as designated developer. A seriously missed opportunity to have an economically & culturally vibrant, varied mixed-use, adaptive re-use of some wonderful industrial architecture. Anyone remember those beautiful arched brick buildings, around 2nd & 3rd Sts., so well-constructed, that when the Port Authority tried to raze them, a demolition firm had to be brought in w/special equipment, b/c the standard wrecking ball couldn’t do the job? And then the loss of that Bauhaus gem, Maxwell House. It can be done. Philadelphia chose to turn similar buildings, along the Schuykill River, into spectacular waterfront housing. Ditto w/Baltimore’s inventive adaptive re-use, mixed in w/some interesting modern architecture. And happening all over Brooklyn’s formerly industrial waterfront. But re Hoboken: that was then and this is now. And the streets are still… Read more »


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