Is this the next Hoboken sinkhole?

Next Hoboken sinkhole at 7th & Jackson?

Hoboken411 reader “NJP” sent in a note a few days ago about what might just be the start of the next Hoboken sinkhole.

“Thought you’d like to see the latest in Hoboken’s failing infrastructure. I called the city about the corner of 7th and Jackson and was told “someone would take a look…” Looks like its only getting worse.”

We went and took a look ourselves yesterday – and it definitely appeared precariously close to caving in. Apparently it did get worse, as a police officer was stationed nearby to divert oncoming traffic around it.

Wonder if the city will properly repair it or use the simple “band-aid approach” that might only lead to worse conditions in the future (like what caused the Sinatra Drive sinkhole back in 2010.)

Next Hoboken Sinkhole forming at 7th and Jackson streets

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hoboken martello
hoboken martello
Thursday, June 6, 2013 6:55 pm

what about the bubbling geyser on observer highway right under the train trestle??

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