Trash: Hoboken hassling business owners

Trash becoming a sticky point in Hoboken

So unnecessary. First it’s Hoboken hassling business owners, now it’s unsightly signs that warn of “prosecution to the fullest extent of the law” for tossing a glad bag on the curb for (property taxpayer funded) garbage men to pick up later in the night.

We can take care of ourselves without “Mom and Dad” micro-managing every damn step we make. This is why the city budget should be cut 90% and most of these people should find different lines of work.

Imagine how hollow you’d feel if your control-freak job was to invent rules that cover every facet of other people’s lives?

Hoboken Garbage 9pm rule pickpockets businesses and residents - Trash: Hoboken hassling business owners

But not condo buildings?

7/15/2013 Update:

(Updating this “Hoboken Hassling Business Owners” post from last month) While Hoboken destroys local businesses by nickel and diming over what time garbage bags go out, I spotted this massive wall of rubbish on 15th Street in front of the Hudson Tea Building. Must have been 50 feet long at least. Attractive, right?

And it was out at around 6pm on a weekday! Why doesn’t the “9pm” rule apply up here?

Well, at least they bicyclist would have had some protection in case he flipped over on one of Hoboken’s 1,000,000 potholes…

Hoboken sidewalk garbage near Hudson Tea Building - Trash: Hoboken hassling business owners

Why is Hoboken hassling business owners about curbside trash now?


Hoboken hassling business owners about garbage bags - Trash: Hoboken hassling business ownersHere we go again. More meddling from our folks at city hall! Now, we have the city of Hoboken hassling businesses owners about the exact timing for curbside trash pickup.

Apparently someone down at city hall instructed the Department of Sanitation to send thugs to various businesses and notify them that “garbage cannot be taken out before 9pm,” or they face possible fines.

OK – I understand that city ordinance mentions somewhere that residential trash is not supposed to be placed on the curb before 9pm. But how can that realistically apply to commercial garbage?

You see – not all businesses are open in Hoboken until 9pm. Many close at 8pm, 7pm or even as early as 5pm or 3pm depending on their type of operation.

Does the city expect businesses owners (some who live quite a distance from town) to stay in Hoboken until a pre-determined time in order to comply with “garbage rules?” Or pay someone to take it out for them?

It seems like the city is hell bent on dictating how local businesses live their private lives as well.

You wonder why it’s so difficult to do business in town (adios Maxwell’s, Mike’s Furniture, who’s next?).

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why not have a pickup during the day? It is critical to support small business or be left with only national chains.


I am for supporting local business but a daytime pick up is not feasible- too many cars parked and double parked on the street, too many pedestrians around, and frankly no reason to put out smelly garbage when there are all those people around. What I would like to see is some of those local businesses be as responsible as Big Bad McDonalds and clean their sidewalks!!! It is disgusting that places put food trash out and let the slime cover the sidewalks. [quote comment=”221944″]why not have a pickup during the day? It is critical to support small business or be left with only national chains.[/quote]


i agree the ordinance is a little off, maybe because its over 25 years old i think at sometime the council will have to update it, i like the idea of stores putting it out when they close that would be much easier for everyone. as far as calling the city worker a thug, i think thats going a bit far, just take a look at what they make and i talked to these guys they take a lot of abuse, the real thugs are the ones sitting behind desks making coffee and blogging all day ( there the political thugs ) 70, 80 even 90 thousand a year, but ay thats what the people want


Considering in most towns restaurants and bars are required to pay for their own private trash pick up, I am not crying for most of these shop owners. Especially considering the mess that they leave behind on the sidewalks. The ONLY food establishment in the southern half of town that consistently cleans the sludge from their sidewalk is…McDonalds. Yes McD’s. pretty poor.


Not sure what I would do if I were a business owner. What do some of the deli’s do?