Hoboken City Council Meeting 6/5/2013

Hoboken City Council Meeting of June 5, 2013

Inspect Hoboken City Council meeting documents below – and click here at 7:00pm to watch live video stream if you dare.

Hoboken City Council Meeting June 5 2013

Hoboken City Council Documents for June 5, 2013

Our city government is like a financial merry-go-round. Pier A Park bonding still lingering, swelling legal contracts (what good is a “contract” if the prices keep going up? Worthless!), emergency appropriations (what good is a “budget” if you need to borrow outside of it? Ineptitude!), and of course fat wrongful termination settlements.

However, the city spins nothing but good news in their sugar-coated press releases. Take a look at the documents below for the real sad state of affairs.


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