Hoboken November Rain (uh, flooding)


I’d love to get Axl Rose here to make a video with me. But he’d probably get swallowed up by a sewer grate or something.

Anyway, it’s half past four AM here, and I hear there’s some flooding that’s starting to spread around parts of Hoboken. The Police Officers on duty now have mentioned it a few times already.

After you’ve awoken today, please chime in to tell us if anything affected you, or you noticed anything unusual on your morning commute. I’ll be sound asleep and have no desire to trek out in the cold November rain now (especially since I still wear shorts!) With my luck, this post was just a waste of time, and all water may have subsided by the time anyone reads it. Oh well.

Even though the Council controversy is over, I wonder if local politicians are going to have anything to say about the continuing flooding problems in Hoboken, even when it’s not a “storm of the century” Nor’easter or tropical storm. This is just a slow-moving standard rain event. Or was it just “election attention”?



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Re: the “FLOODING HAS BEEN SOLVED” pre-election publicity stunt of Stack and Roberts – to which private citizen and party animal Chris Campos was invited – what were the next steps supposed to be?

The only other council person present was Cammarano. I’m not sure in what specific capacity, other than as the twice-failing campaign manager for the afore-mentioned private citizen. But he assumes an added responsibility for continued inaction under the circumstances. It works both ways – we can always use your picture from the photo op for your wanted poster.


I noticed dome “minor” corner flooding. I’m glad it’s not high tide, I think it will really pour this afternoon.


If it is going to flood today it will most likely happen this morning. High tide will occur at 9:07 AM



swung by the PATH and then back to the west side around 8am. Fairly dry all around with the exception of a small swimming pool at the corner of Park and Observer.