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LUA was a pretty good time last night. Lots of vendors, excellent drink specials and plenty of holiday joy to go around. Nice to see the members of the community to come out and support local businesses. I even got my Tarot cards read! That was a blast, and spot on believe it or not! I had my doubts, but Jeannine Mercurio is quite good! Give her a try if you’re interested!


See more pics of happy people after the break.



On the heels of the recent “Girl’s Night Out” and “Lovely Ladies Night Out” events that took place over at LUA, is the new and improved “Got Gifts?” extravaganza.

Now opening the doors to non-women owned establishments (including Cornerstone Pets and Hoboken Golf), this night expects to be a great reason to get out on a Monday night. Convenient shopping all in one location, excellent drink specials, and a nice venue make this a perfect reason to get off your couch.

See the last event here (which keeps getting bigger and bigger.. the waiting list is a mile long).

Come have a drink with me and share your opinions next week!

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There was a rumor floating around that Lua’s use to be a restaurant. Any truth to that?