Texting while walking

How do you stop the texting while walking epidemic in Hoboken?

texting while walking epidemic in Hoboken NJ video - Texting while walkingTexting while walking is not just a problem for Hoboken, NJ – but the entire advanced world. But with all the pedestrians getting hit by cars, it appears this epidemic has completely passed the tipping point where some “re-education” might be in order.

I had been collecting video evidence of all the nonsensical incidents that have taken place in Hoboken since the weather got warmer. But I was still a long ways away from completing my project in a way that would get my message across the way I intended. But…

My pal Casey Neistat beat me to the punch a while ago, and provided a simple and entertaining to those so self-absorbed and oblivious that they cannot figure out common sense behavior regarding “texting while walking” otherwise:

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My favorite was the one I witnessed last summer when a 20-something/Green Rock/Fratty had his head down texting and walked into Washington against the light in front of CVS. He makes it to the line, never looking up, when a car slams on its breaks to avoid hitting him and the guy pounds on the hood of the car screaming at the driver to look where he is going and that pedestrians have the right of way.

Hopefully Darwin will solve this problem.


…..and I’m willing to bet you that most of these “educated morons” won’t learn their lesson even AFTER they’re released from intensive care.