Grossman for Governor of NJ

Seth Grossman for Governor of New Jersey

In case you didn’t know – tomorrow is the NJ Primary Election for candidates who wish to get on the ballot for the general election in November. On the ballot tomorrow are two “Democrats” (Barbara Buono and Troy Webster) and two “Republicans,” incumbent Chris Christie and his challenger Seth Grossman.

Grossman, who has a connection to Hoboken wanted to share his vision: “I am running in Tuesday’s primary against Mayor Dawn Zimmer’s ally, Chris Christie. Would appreciate it if you could run this before the election on Tuesday. Thanks, Seth.”

Seth Grossman for Governor of NJ Republican Principles - Grossman for Governor of NJ

Seth Grossman against Christie in NJ Primary Election

I am Seth Grossman, a 64 year-old lawyer from Atlantic City. My daughter used to live in Hoboken, but two years ago, she found she could live much better for less in Florida. I want young people to again find a future in New Jersey.

I am running for Governor against Governor Christie in the Primary Election on Tuesday, June 4. June Primary Elections are held at your regular November polling place, from 7AM to 8PM.

Please vote for me and the other “unbossed Republicans” on the Hudson County Republican Club ticket: in District 31, Tony Zanowic and Mike Alonso for State Assembly; and countywide, Eric and Patricia Dixon for State Committee.

This is the best way to say “Enough!”

NJ Primary Election June 4 2013 - Grossman for Governor of NJ

  1. Enough “bipartisan” government, run by Big Union Democrats and Bailed-Out Wall Street Republicans.
  2. Enough of high property, sales, business, hotel, and income taxes—and hidden taxes on your electric bills.
  3. Enough tolls, penalties, fines, permits, and license fees. Enough of not being able to find a good job or stay in business without needing some “favor” from politicians, because the laws put everyone in violation of something.
  4. Enough “fee-shifting” lawsuits that routinely pay lawyers ten times more than what their clients are entitled to. And where we pay for this through higher taxes, higher prices, higher insurance costs, and from shoddy work when businesses are afraid to fire bad employees.
  5. Enough insolvent pension funds that pay 1,500 political insiders more than $100,000 per year.
  6. Enough payment of debts, never approved by voters as required by State Constitution, with gasoline tax money that is supposed to be fixing our roads and bridges.
  7. Enough police and prosecutors who dismiss gun charges against criminals—and politicians who punish and harass legal gun owners who obey the law.
  8. Enough lies that tell us we are paying less in taxes, that the economy is better, and that there are plenty of good jobs.

Less than 50 years ago, NJ had no income, sales, or hotel taxes. Anyone willing to work could find a good job and afford a good house.

New Jersey can be that way again.

(You can see more Seth Grossman campaign issues here.)

Seth Grossman: “Primary votes have 20x the power in June”

But we can’t change things by voting in November. That is when choose between the lesser of two evils—the candidate selected by the Republican insiders or the candidate selected by the Democratic insiders.

But in June, only about 5% of people vote, so your vote has roughly 20 times more voting power than voting in November.

In Hudson County, you can find my name—as well as the other “unbossed” candidates—in Column F. Let Trenton know you’ve had enough!

For more information, please go to, join me on Facebook, or visit Thanks for your interest.

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Monday, June 3, 2013 3:26 pm

This guy doesn’t stand a chance. Which is what sucks about politics today. If you’re not wealthy, connected and can provide favors to and influence people in high places, there can be no progress or change. And that most zombie voters walking around only care about their own personal entertainment, not the history and politics that actually shape and control their lives. Oh well. Sow & reap.

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