Wacky Hoboken Graffiti

Wacky Hoboken Graffiti now almost everywhere

We continue documenting this “marker madman” and all the things he’s destroying with his dopey magic marker in Hoboken. This time, it’s nonsensical ramblings inside the kiddie playground at Pier C Park.

He’ll write on almost anything – except himself, because that would give him away!

See more examples of this wacky graffiti after the break.

Marker madman in Hoboken NJ pier c park

Wacky Hoboken Graffiti running on all cylinders now!

8/7/2013 Update:

Wacky Hoboken Graffiti Nut Job 99 cent store FBIWow, this past spring, we identified one of the newer trends here in Hoboken – regarding the person who is prolifically writing all sorts of what I call “utterisms.” Call him a rambling “street blogger” if you must (Zimmer knows what I’m talking about). But this wacky Hoboken graffiti is spreading like total wildfire at this point.

Since we last talked about it – he’s improved his repertoire from simply writing with magic marker on things like park benches and utility boxes, and has upgraded the offerings with:

  • Post Office mailing labels. Yes, that’s right – now his vandalism comes at the expense of American citizens. Thousands of these labels (mostly referring to the FBI), which he must be “prepping” at home, are slathered all over the city on anywhere they’ll stick.
  • Curbside furniture! This isn’t so bad, because the objects are left on the curb for disposal. “Maxwell’s” was a recent rant. However, he’s killing the market for people who extend the useful life of old furniture. Whoops!
  • Begging for $0.99 Grocery Stores! Spotted these most recently. When you see a lot of 99 cent stores around, that’s not a good sign. And did you know that most 99 cent stores sell plenty of things over a dollar?

Unfortunately – even if he’s caught, I’m not even sure an offense like this is punishable by more than a “coupon” (written summons). However, seeing how widespread it is – perhaps it adds up to a more significant offense. The city is looking extremely ugly with these mutterings.

But as they say “The writing’s on the wall, Hoboken is slipping!”

Trending: Wacky Hoboken Graffiti Taggers

5/30/2013 Update:

Graffiti can come in many forms. From almost art-like, where taggers develop an identity (like Kid PK), painting skills (like the bloody cupid), to just plain ugly vandalism. And the “art form” is dynamic, with newcomers to the scene like the positive graffiti – and more recently outright wacky Hoboken graffiti.

Take a look at this one spotted at the Lackawanna terminal downtown. It says:

“Zimmer” white bitch from hell-“666.” Hoboken police kills people without cause. Italians suck. “Romano” – Hob. police. Italy – “Concordia.” Fuck Roman Catholics. “Vatican-Anti-Christs” – God knows.

What the hell does that mean? Guy sounds like he’s off his rocker!

Wacky Hoboken graffiti downtown

Rambling Hoboken graffiti vandal needs mental help?

Here’s another one spotted on 14th Street recently as well. It reads:

Russia – Putin (cross) – will experience “unreal” miracles – “2013.” Earth (Hoboken) / Moon (United Nations Lead-Korean) N.O. Destruction – 9-11-01 126 Kills WTC Satans. Pentagon – Dempsey – Army Delta Force

I’m getting the feeling it’s the same guy who also defaces waterfront walkway benches.

Wacky Hoboken Graffiti uptown

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9th Street
9th Street
Thursday, May 30, 2013 8:27 pm

I’m seeing this graffiti all over the place too. Who can we call to get it removed?

Thursday, May 30, 2013 6:44 pm

Everyone must now see the great appeal the YMCA has in our community! They safely house crackpots with loose screws.

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