My Month with Yankee

Living on a boat in Hoboken: My Month with Yankee

Earlier this year, NYC resident Terin Izil saw a TV program on TLC called Four Houses that featured Victoria Mackenzie-Childs and the 1907 Yankee Ferry which is docked in Hoboken. She was very intrigued about the whole, unique and eclectic situation surrounding the Yankee Ferry, she decided to book a weekend stay on the vessel (it is a bed & breakfast, in case you didn’t know). And after her stay – Terin “fell in love with the Yankee,” decided to terminate her apartment lease in Manhattan and move onto the boat this month. And that gave birth to her Tumblr blog My Month With Yankee.

My Month with Yankee ferry in Hoboken NJ Terin Izil - My Month with Yankee

What is life aboard the 1907 Yankee Ferry like in Hoboken?

On “My Month With Yankee,” Terin has been documenting various snippits of her life aboard the ship, sharing quotes, stories, photos, Vine videos and various social media updates.

Now while she luckily isn’t getting charged for her residence aboard the boat, in exchange, she has become a full working member of the crew. Performing many necessary tasks required with life on the water. In speaking to Victoria this past week, she said Terin is one of the best crew members they’ve ever had. In fact, Terin has decided she’ll extend her initial 30 days, and will stay the entire summer (while maintaining her full time job in Manhattan).

With a new “public meeting space” being developed on board, along with six chickens, two dogs, a cat and two new kittens – the crew will certainly be busy all summer long.

Follow Terin’s adventure here: Ahoy!

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joey maxim
joey maxim
Thursday, May 30, 2013 1:10 pm

maybe its the multi colored hair do..bless her..people have been living on boats and barges the past 100 years off edgewater road..hats off to the woman.

Thursday, May 30, 2013 12:06 pm

Can anyone dock their boat and live on the Hoboken coast? Do they pay taxes?

Reply to  spiffy
Thursday, May 30, 2013 3:27 pm

Curious about that too as I thought B&B’s were against local ordinance. I see they are doing construction onboard, as well as having paying customers, so I’m curious as to if they had the building inspector sign off on the new deck.[quote comment=”220896″]Can anyone dock their boat and live on the Hoboken coast? Do they pay taxes?[/quote]

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