Core Silkscreen and Collagraph Monoprints

Core Silkscreen and Collagraph Monoprints by Irena K. Pejovic

Irena K. Pejovic Right Angle Hoboken Silkscreen - Core Silkscreen and Collagraph MonoprintsRight Angle Hoboken – Uptown, is proud to present selected prints from Core-Silkscreen and Collagraph Monoprints, by Irena K. Pejovic.

Macedonian-born, Irena K. Pejovic is an international artist, printmaker, who actively exhibits in the United States and Europe.

Her recent achievements include an Artist in Residence at London Print Studio, in London, UK, 2012, a Solo Exhibit at Gallery MC New York, in New York City, an upcoming two artist show with Croatian artist Ana Sladetic in Zagreb, Croatia, and many other group exhibits. Her practice extends in the local art community through her recent serving on the Board of Directors at the Printmaking Center of NJ.

Her work can be seen at

“Translating trajectory into line and form”

This series of works began with rapid-fire drawings the artist made on-site, at the rehearsal space of Brooklyn-based dance troupe “KoreResponse” in early 2012. After being privy to numerous rehearsals, Pejovic transmitted the drawings into a wide variety of printmaking techniques and materials, finally arriving at the works you see here on papers that are both opaque (BFK Rives) and see-through (rice paper). Some of the works consist of single images viewed in series; others are comprised of many translucent layers. Taken as a whole they transmit a sense of intense compression and bound-up energy. And yet, they seem lighter than air.

Dancers are by and large more disciplined ‘movers’ than the rest of us; as they move their musculature becomes little more than line to our eye, a memory of the trajectory of their path. Pejovic translates that trajectory into the language of line and form, often compressing her shapes so highly that they dominate the entire page. They fold in and upon themselves intensely, and at times read more like abstracted creatures than humans — bears, cats, rodents; whirlwinds of arms and legs.

Ask yourself: What might a single being (itself the result of so many coiled lines of movement) be seeking as it folds down so far into itself? What might it be finding as it seeks its core?

The same thing that all dancers (and artists) strive for: artistic rigor, a honing of self and craft, but most importantly, to put that discipline in service of beauty, freedom, release.

The Opening Reception will take place on Thursday, May 30th, 2013, from 6-8pm

The work can be seen at Right Angle Hoboken (Uptown – 1108 Washington St.) from May 30th – June 28th, 2013.

Here’s video where you can see how the prints are made:


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