Wrong way down a one way street


About 10-15 minutes in the past, a woman driving a green 2003 Volkswagen Passat drove from 9th Street northbound up Hudson Street (which is one-way southbound beginning at 11th street).

She allegedly hit two or more parked vehicles along this stretch.

Police then spotted her near 9th and Castle Point Terrace. They initially said she was “unresponsive”, and wondered if she was under the influence of alcohol or CDS. When they blockaded her vehicle, officers suspected something may be wrong with her, as she wasn’t coming out of the car.

It turned out she apparently is a diabetic and in need of an ambulance. Hoboken volunteer ambulance arrived to take her to Hoboken University Medical Center. Hope she’s alright.

One of the parked cars was a 90’s model green Volvo. No word yet on the other(s).

one way accident hoboken - Wrong way down a one way street

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We still don’t know what was happening medically with this woman. The cops had guess they voiced over the radio. They might have been wrong.

That being said, I’m all for doing the responsible thing, even if it is inconvenient. But I have watched people most people will not inconvenience themselves, even if it puts their life in danger, much less endangering the lives of others. So if she has a problem and knows about it, I’m not surprised.

I know how hard it is to live in this day and age and in this part of the world and not drive. In some parts of NJ you can not get around without a car. That is why I moved here, because I made a choice, not to drive because what I can not see. I could not have had a job in some parts of this lovely state without a way to get to it.


[quote comment=”55083″]
What did she drink that made her intoxicated? She has a medical condition, anyone that has her problem knows how fast and sudden things can change. htownie you need to get your kicks somewhere else beside posting stupid things on websites.[/quote]

You probably feel pretty stupid right now. Next time you say I am posting something stupid, please make it in response to one of the stupid things I post.

However, your posts indicate that you are not the sharpest tool in the shed. Your name suits you perfectly – you are about as smart as a piece of wood.


some people are just selfish


I once worked with a mother and daughter. The daughter was a type 1 diabetic. For years she could tell when she was about to have an insulin reaction. Then she had a child and after that said that she couldn’t tell when she was about to have a reaction. Needless to say, that got her into trouble. One day she was driving while having a reaction and was pulled over. She stopped then took off leading the cops on a 2-jurisdiction chase. What the cops did next was stupid. They gave her some hard candy and a summons then told her to drive home! Due to the cops’poor handling of this, she was allowed to keep her license. It didn’t last long. She was out driving and had a reaction which caused her to have an accident. This time she lost her license for 6 months. In order to get it back, she needed to present a doctor’s letter saying she was OK to drive. To make sure she got it, she went to a new doctor who didn’t know her entire medical history. Sure enough, she got her license back. At work, we all asked her mother why the daughter was still driving. The mother said “how else will she get to work?” Unbelievable! Fast forward to the present–I recently ran into the mother who told me that the daughter was now getting insulin reactions more frequently and voluntarily gave up driving. She also doesn’t work and gets… Read more »


30 day suspension of her license is light… If you have a medical condition or elderly you should have to take the drivers road test every year and you should need medical clearance to drive.