Want to build your own Hoboken?


Not that I have time to dabble in computer games, this one may be worth trying.

SimCity Societies is the latest version of the SimCity series of video games that let you “build your own” (cities, business, societies, cultures, etc). Since the first SimCity game that launched on 1989, there have been various iterations of this game concept.

In Societies, you can build your own city, and shape their cultures and environments. Police & Fire departments, parks, entertainment, industry and pretty much everything else.

If I get around to buying & installing this product, I plan to try and build an exact replica of Hoboken, and “test” various scenarios out. The first will be a duplicate environment as Hoboken stands today. Then, I’ll see what the city is like with more parks, less high-rises and so on. I wonder if the game will be able to simulate the traffic and parking issues. We’ll have to see about that.

I’ll report back with the “state of the cities” after I build them.. If it turns out to be useful, maybe City Hall can use this game to help with the Master Plan?

Oh, and if this isn’t your “thing”, there may be someone on your holiday shopping list that might like it!

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This is NOT a real Sim City game! Will Wright and Maxis were not involved. There is no more zoning in the game, transportation related issues, or any city planning, for that matter. It’s basically Sim City for Dummies.

I wish they would have made Sim City 5, a sequel to the amazing Sim City 4, not this piece of garbage game masquerading as Sim City.