Hoboken Weather Watch: Storms looming?

Possible strong storms on Thursday in Hoboken

Hoboken weather watch – keep in mind if you’re planning any activities tomorrow, that forecasters are suggesting the possibility of some strong thunderstorm type weather.

Hopefully no tornadoes spawn like that deadly F5 in Oklahoma. Whew!

Hoboken Weather Watch for May 23 2013

About Hoboken Weather Watch

Hoboken411 from time to time publishes public service announcements to “interrupt” regular programming – especially when it comes to Hoboken weather alerts.

Although most individuals are in tune with the potential for severe weather, we sometimes like reminding area residents to at least have it in the back of their head. Using our “weather expertise” and long-time residency, we try our best to weed out the less likely possibilities to avoid unnecessary alarm.

Because in Hoboken – even spring showers can lead to destructive flooding.

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