Hoboken Movie Lineup: 5/24/2013

Clearview Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ

Clearview Cinemas Movie Times Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Movie Lineup: 5/24/2013We all know that Memorial Day Weekend is the “unofficial” start to the summer! And to kick off the zany party weekend, is The Hangover Part III,, the final installment of the drunken trilogy starring the hilarious gang Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms and Zach Galifianakis.

“This time, there’s no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off..”

The movie is getting shoddy reviews the third time around: “Less abrasive than Part II, but lacking any of Part I’s freshness, this is the most lackluster return-to-Vegas, trilogy-closing caper since Ocean’s Thirteen.”

But some found redeeming factors: “While it may not recapture the exact same giddy thrill as the first film, this film manages to clarify what the overall story of the trilogy is in a way that I found satisfying and quite fitting.”

Also playing this weekend is Fast & Furious 6. Yawn.

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