Reader Mail: Privileged Parking Uptown


Here we have Hoboken411 reader James, who is frustrated with the lack of parking caused by illegally parked buses uptown, and also sees a way for the city to generate some extra revenue.

He notified 5th Ward Councilman Peter Cunningham, who quickly responded to his concerns.


“Dear Peter,

Over the past year, I have noticed on numerous occasions, that the double decker tour buses of the Grey Line Bus Company are routinely parked overnight on grand street between 15th and 16th in the north western section of Hoboken. Typically the buses are parked on both sides of the street and are occasionally even doubled parked on the western side of the road. I understand that this portion of town isn’t as residential as the remainder of Hoboken, but have found the situation frustrating none the less.
As development continues to flood the Fifth Ward with more housing and residents, parking has become a premium. Only a few years ago residents on Hoboken’s fringe enjoyed easy street parking and didn’t have a need to park on this block. However, I now find my self routinely annoyed that late at night I must spend time circling Hoboken looking for parking while illegally parked buses continue to occupy this block. It is my understanding, according to Hoboken City Code (§ 190-5), that overnight parking of commercial vehicles is prohibited on Hoboken streets from 8pm to 8am and the fine for this infraction is $50. Does Grey Line have an agreement with the city to exempt them from this law? If not, are these buses ticked on a regular basis?

If an agreement is not in effect between Hoboken and Grey Line, it would be prudent for the city to enforce the law. In my estimation about ten buses are parked on this block every night. If the ordinance was enforced, and each bus received a $50 summons for parking illegally, the city would collect $182,000 over the course of the year and possibly more if additional infractions were observed. This money could be used to lower the proposed 2008 increase for resident parking permits or to repave and improve the roads in the vicinity. The Hoboken Parking Authority is extremely efficient at enforcing parking regulations throughout the central residential core of Hoboken, the business at the periphery of our community should not get a free ride and exemption from these same regulations.

Best Regards,

Peter responded by saying:

“James, good call.

I spoke to John Corea of the Parking Utility and he’s looking into it – now. They certainly do not belong on the street as there’s no special arrangement (thankfully). I should have an answer later tonight!!

Thanks, Peter”

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Welll guess I better write to Dawn Zimmer and ask why the Knights of Columbus members get to double park on Adams and block my car in. If I need to go somewhere I have to go in to the social club and find out whose car is there and ask them to move it. On an average day there are 5-6 cars double parked on Adams between 1st & 2nd.


[quote comment=”55316″]anybody ever notice the very old ford fairlane parked by the municipal garage on willow, it`s been in the same spot forever, it`s so rusted it might fall apart if moved[/quote]

Apologies, I called it a Bel Air in my above post. But yes, it has been moved; once. If you look at the base of the car, around the sidewalk, you’ll notice that rust droplets fall from the car and form a rust stain that squares the vehicle. Would this constitute littering?


anybody ever notice the very old ford fairlane parked by the municipal garage on willow, it`s been in the same spot forever, it`s so rusted it might fall apart if moved


Or the full size hummer on CPT


For most of the past week, there was a large commercial roll-off truck owned by “R.E.D. Real Estate Development” parked near the corner on the 800 block of Park Ave – on the Green Sign side no less. I was wondering how they were getting away with this – until I saw a Hoboken Resident Parking decal in the front windshield.

Hang on: From the City Code:
190-5. Overnight parking of commercial vehicles prohibited.
A. In accordance with the provisions of this § 190-5, no person, firm or corporation shall park any truck, bus, semitrailer, pole trailer, tractor or commercial vehicle having a registered weight of four (4) tons upon any municipal street from the hours of 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. on any day of the week. Such prohibition shall extend and include any construction and/or excavation vehicles not occupying a bona fide job site.

Perhaps the fine folks at the HPU need to have a basic understanding of motor vehicles before handing out permits. A Ford LCF is not some sort of SUV or new hybrid car – it’s a medium-duty commercial truck chassis. It does not qualify for a resident parking permit.

For that matter, the bunch of Hummer H2’s I’ve seen parked around our city (usually half-on-the-sidewalk) do not qualify for parking permits either, since they’re a bit above the 4-ton gross weight…