Mod Cup Coffee Truck

Mod Cup featured on Eyewitness News

Looks like the Mod Cup, Hoboken’s favorite new hot spot for tasty coffee got some love from Eyewitness news this week.

Mod Cup Coffee graces Hoboken with tasty java!


Mod Cup Coffee truck comes to Hoboken NJDo you love coffee as much as we do here at Hoboken411? Well be prepared for a treat when you encounter the Mod Cup Coffee Truck!

The latest member of the brigade of mobile food vendors in Hoboken, Mod Cup “microbatch coffee roasters” are definitely worth checking out.

I spent some time with owner Travas and his partner Justin last week, and was amazed at their passion for the craft of coffee roasting and brewing. They take this art very seriously (in a fun way of course), and is way beyond what you’d expect. (See him describe Mod Cup in his own words after the break!)

For one, they will pummel you with facts about the whole coffee industry, how to achieve the best flavor, the differences in beans, the brewing process and much more. It’s completely worth paying them a visit to experience that first hand. Take my word for it, a pleasurable experience for sure. This cart will be around town during the warmer months – rain or shine, as it’s convertible with an umbrella-like awning that can be installed. Naturally it wasn’t necessary during the nice day I hung out with them.

Mod Cup is Hoboken’s first mobile coffee roaster!

Additionally, they bought a retro 1969 Citroen van, which is currently “in the shop,” getting retrofitted to become an actual mobile coffee roasting truck. Their goal, hopefully, is to get other local businesses to carry their hand-crafted selections of beans and roasts. Also available on their cart is “concentrated” brewed coffee, which you can take home and enjoy at a convenient time.

You can get slow-brewed coffee (either hot or iced), as well as espresso and even teas. They’ll gladly offer you samples before you order.

One thing the customers will need to be aware of though (and this might pose a challenge to the Mod Cup guys as well), is that this is NOT your usual cup of coffee, say from McDonald’s, a Hoboken diner, Dunkin’ Donuts or even Starbucks for that matter. This is sort of the way coffee was meant to be made and consumed.

The flavors are rich, deep and sophisticated. Upon first taste, one might even think something is wrong with it (especially if they normally drink crappy piss-water). I had an iced Americano – and it practically knocked me off my feet by the complexity. Not a drink you “chug” whatsoever. Small sips. The “finish” stays for a very long time. At first I was a bit worried because of my own Starbucks addiction, but by the time I finished later in the day, they had already won me over.

Good luck, Mod Cup!

Description: Mod Cup Microbatch Coffee Roasters.
Address: Varies (follow them for updates)
Online: modcup.comTwitter

Mod Cup Coffee strives to be the freshest coffee in New Jersey

Owner Travas presents you with his words on Mod Cup:

Mod Cup Freshest Roasted Coffee in NJ“We at Mod Cup Coffee have one goal: make sure people in NJ drink fresh coffee! We as consumers have been lied to as to what constitutes fresh coffee for over 50 years now an we at modcup are out lift the veil if you will.

There any many components to a delicious cup of coffee; grinding the whole roasted beans as close to when you actually brew them as possible being just one. Another is making sure that your brewing parameters are correct, correct ratio of coffee to water. But the most important component to a delicious cup of coffee, and the one that almost 99% of all coffee served around the world is not, is fresh.

And when I say fresh I mean freshly roasted.

Coffee is a perishable product and goes stale very quickly after roasting. I don’t want to bore you with the scientific details of why (unless of course you interested in which case I’ll talk you to sleep about it), but the general consensus is that any wonderful flavors in the coffee bean that come from the territory the coffee was grown in are lost within 14 days of roasting. Ever read on a coffee bag or hear anybody say this coffee has notes of blueberry or citrus flavors to it and then try it and think what they talking about? Well that’s because if there were any of said notes in the coffee they are no longer there to taste because the coffee was roasted too long ago to taste them.

The reason many people fill their coffee with milk and sugar is to mask the bitterness. Stale coffee is bitter. Fresh coffee is not, its sweet!

We at modcup import some of the very best coffees in their green form from all four corners of the globe, then we roast them in small micro batches with the same love and attention that the farmer gave his crop. Our roasting facility is in Jersey City heights but we bring our fresh coffee for consumption either by the cup or by the bag for home brewing right now off of a cart. On that cart we have a full service espresso and brew bar. Our espresso machine was imported from Naples, Italy and is the old fashioned lever pull kind. Lever pull espresso machines are not just cool looking bits of equipment they actually pull the most complex and wonderful shots of espresso.

Mod Cup Citroen Coffee Roasting Van Hoboken NJThe cart will be replaced in the end of the summer by a vintage 1969 Citreon H Van that we imported from France. The Van used to deliver fresh bread to rural communities in Northern France. She will be used by modcup to deliver fresh coffee to hoboken and JC. We are installing a small 2 pound coffee roaster inside of the truck and producing the countries first mobile coffee roaster. The Van will also feature a full service espresso bar and pour over drip coffee bar too as well as loose leaf iced tea’s; we just got in today a chinese black tea infused with passion fruit, when iced its deadly mate!

Talking of iced we at our heights facility also brew up what we think is an unrivaled iced coffee experience. We use a cold brewing method. Iced coffee is normally brewed hot then refrigerated. This process brings out all the acidity in coffee and makes for quite an unpleasant and bitter drink. Even the most hardened black coffee drinker struggles to drink iced coffee black. When you brew by steeping the coffee grounds in cold water for a 24 hour period you end up with a very sweet tasting iced coffee beverage, when you add to that the coffee being used in the brewing was roasted the day before you end up with the sweetest tasting beverage! Right now we have a cracking Tanzanian cold brew on offer than has wonderfully subtle peach notes.

Oh and lastly for the non coffee drinkers we offer a selection of loose leaf teas that for summer months we will brew into iced teas. Right now we have a mango hibiscus with rose hips and we offered yesterday but sold out of a blood orange hibiscus; both non caffeinated. We also have a sensational chinese black tea steeped in fresh black currants and vanilla. All three when iced are just terrific! The response to them from many Hoboken mothers at church square park last week was amazing!

Mod Cup Dated roasted Coffee Hoboken NJOutside of the quality of the green coffee we use the freshness of that roasted coffee is the paramount concern to modcup and its customers. We make a pledge to our customers that we will not sell any coffee whether in a cup or bag that was roasted over 14 days ago.

In fact, any coffee that will still have that exceeds this 14 day post roast rule will be ground, bagged and sent down the homeless shelters (even then the homeless will still be drinking some of the best coffee in Hoboken and JC!)

And the bagged coffee we sell for home consumption will always be dated with the roast day so the consumer knows just how fresh the coffee is.

We are on Facebook, Twitter and have a website being constructed for us that will allow you to order bagged coffee online and delivered.”
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I make my own cappuccino the Italian way with stovetop 2 tazze (cup) <–in Italian.brewer.. and have not been able to drink regular coffee unless forced to…. I like rich tasting coffee… had one of the best down in Rio and knocked me on my u know what… Delicious.. So am anxious to try Mod Cup….. am defo a caffe'connoisseur… Congrats and good luck to this unique and welcomed mobile truck! 🙂


Tried a cup this afternoon. Well worth it. And a great bunch of chaps running the show too.


I will try out this ‘realstuff’ If it’s really that good, there is room for them and they should not ‘really’ hurt the brick n’ mortar guys……..


Best coffee in Hoboken. There is a downside though. Makes other coffee taste that much worse. Tricky bastards.


Tried their herbal iced tea this morning – very refreshing!

I really liked the record player on the wood counter – You do not get that at D&D!