Zany Zimmer Hypocrisy at HHA

Stuiver ousted as Zany Zimmer Hypocrisy continues at HHA

Zimmer Hypocrisy on display at Hoboken Housing Authority Meeting May 9 2013 - Zany Zimmer Hypocrisy at HHAEver since Dawn Zimmer backed into the position of Mayor here in Hoboken, the “shadow government” has been trying to take over and control every board and organization. By “appointing” members who don’t belong (mainly because they have no qualifications), it can create quite a stir, as shown in the video below.

In this embarrassing video – the arrogance of Zimmer appointed Hoboken Housing Authority members shows – especially “Chairman” Jake Stuiver, who thinks it’s perfectly appropriate to lead a city meeting wearing a Hoboken bar t-shirt! Who does that? Other members were wearing suits and jackets!

Additionally – Stuiver was ordered to wanted to appoint puppet Greg Lincoln to chairman, despite him not completing the necessary classes. As a reminder, the Zimmer cronies voted off Marianne Camporeale for exactly the same reasons! Talk about blatant Zimmer hypocrisy!

Eventually – Jake Stuiver was booted, and stormed out of the meeting like a spoiled toddler. This brief video demonstrates how Zimmer, Dave Mello and the rest of the “lemmings” are totally out of touch with the needs of the Housing Authority residents. Just listen to the cheers!

In the end, the demeanor and actions exhibited in this meeting (and most others) demonstrates that Dawn Zimmer’s administration doesn’t care about leading or the residents they “serve,” rather that she and her officials only care about “ruling.”

Gets even worse at Hoboken council meeting on May 15, 2013

At this weeks Hoboken City Council Meeting, local resident Perry Belfiore was on fire!

He did a great job chastising the Zimmer council members for voting on a “side” rather than an “issue” because all they care about is maintaining their own majority and not supporting what the majority of the people want. The room was packed with HHA residents who came out to support the nomination and appointment of Barbra Reyes to the vacant HHA seat. Dozens of people spoke on her behalf providing wonderful praise for her volunteerism in the community. She is also a resident of the HHA which is what the community wants. (She spoke later in the meeting, and sounded lovely, in fact!)

Perry makes a point at calling out “Angry Dave Mello,” and then the rest of the lock-step “Zimmer Clan” went on to all vote NO against Barbara for the HHA seat, proving Perry’s point.

Ravi Bhalla and Mello then “speak” to Barbra – but they speak down to her in that sexist way they have because she couldn’t possibly understand the complexities of the HHA issues. She only “lives” there!

All the residents who spoke demanded that the Mayor leave her politics out of the HHA. All who endorsed Barbra Reyes said she has no political agenda. She confirmed that and said she has no political agenda as well.

After Belfiore spoke, you see council members “agreeing,” and even Bhalla said “you should not have politics in there,” then he sums up his conversation with Reyes from last week and said he can’t support her because she would not support the Zimmer agenda to have Carmelo Garcia removed! Michael Russo then slams Bhalla on demanding that an appointee follow his “political rule.”

But why worry? At least you know where Dawn Zimmer’s priorities are… dopey bike lanes and rentals! (And who’s riding on the wrong side here exactly?)

Dawn Zimmer chooses bikes over quality of life in Hoboken NJ Cake Boss - Zany Zimmer Hypocrisy at HHA

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Sunday, May 19, 2013 5:27 pm

Thank you for posting this article and videos. I hope it helps everyone see how bad Dawn Zimmer and her majority Council people are. I hope they all get voted out. I know I will be voted against them!

Friday, May 17, 2013 11:50 am

embarrassing group of amateur politicians.

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