World Trade Center taking shape

Spire installed – World Trade Center inches closer to completion

Hoboken has always had one of the best front row seats of the NYC Skyline. Before, during and after the 9/11 tragedy, we’ve always been able to witness the transformation of the Big Apple in real time.

Recently, the “spire” for the World Trade Center was hoisted up. Now, residents for miles in all directions know exactly what they’ll be seeing for decades to come.

Below is an enhanced video of the spire installation, but instead of having to wait nine minutes – it has been condensed to just over two!

NOTE: Not for those with a fear of heights! It’s definitely scary!

WTC high in the clouds!

As an added bonus – one Hoboken411 reader took this photo with his cell phone this spring. Very freaky how the cloud swallowed a portion of the WTC to make the cranes on top appear to be coming out of nowhere!

WTC in the clouds from Hoboken NJ - World Trade Center taking shape

Enjoy your weekend!

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