Giving Thanks – 2007


hoboken411-thanks-its-readers.jpgI wrote a similar Thanksgiving article last year, and I will try to really dig deep to express what I’m truly thankful for in 2007. Yes, to the media, this is considered an “obligatory piece”, but I speak with true honesty here (regardless of all the nay-sayers out there).

Please feel free to join in and share your gratitude to whatever and whomever you are appreciative towards.

Be advised that after the lunch hour today.. posting will dwindle down considerably (with the exception of “breaking news”), and I wish all the Hoboken411 readers a pleasant and fulfilling Thanksgiving Holiday with your loved ones. But don’t forget to check back tomorrow for excellent Macy*s Thanksgiving pictures you will not get anywhere else.

Willl be back to an almost full capacity on Friday (depending on the Turkey overload syndrome).

Thanksgiving 2007 – Hoboken411 is thankful for:

  • Hoboken411. I’m pushing TWO YEARS of running this website. A lot has transpired since last Thanksgiving. Political issues are now reaching more residents that EVER BEFORE. We have normally indifferent residents now stepping up and getting involved with the community. Three new council members are now on board (I ran 2 of their websites), and the Board of Education also has a new look (I did “Kids First 2007” website). But the bottom line is, like I’ve said before, I truly enjoy running this site, and excel at maintaining continuity, consistence and regularity like I’ve never been able to in my life.

    I believe that this website format has truly changed our community for the better. Your thoughts?

  • As always, the fact that I (luckily) have incredible genes. I thank my parents for being nearly ideal in crafting a strong, perfectly tall (6’4″), super-intelligent and gorgeous male specimen in me (Perry). I somehow manage to stay well, despite my frequent “bad” habits. Long live bad habits!
  • Hoboken. Like I’ve continually felt, my home and neighborhood cannot be better. I love my old-school apartment (so quiet!), my neighbors (so helpful), and my locale (I would say almost ideal). Uptown Hoboken is a place (despite it’s lack of “buzz”) is a location I’d prefer over any other in town.
  • 12 months since last November, and I still find myself learning day after day. Whether it be new friends I meet, or new Hoboken societal niches, or new problems and issues I encounter, running 411 has undoubtedly never been boring. I cannot wait to see what next year presents me (we have presidential elections), and 2009 (Hoboken Mayoral & At Large council elections).
  • Again, it’s all of YOU. Since last November, registered readership has grown (get this) 1800%! And the number of user comments has increased by almost 1000% (that’s almost ten times – an order of exponential magnitude). That is absolutely incredible. I’m too busy to truly understand how valuable this venue has become to our community (because I’m too busy working on “stuff”), but I would presume that based on the continual growth, there is no end in sight! To quote last year: “The people are what make this site a useful one for all to use!” Thank you!
  • All the contributors again. I’ve had much more user interaction on the back-end this year. With the close to 5,000 emails I receive weekly, it’s not hard to understand that Hoboken411 is a place many Hoboken residents go for information. From the tips and “scoops” I get from regular readers, to the occasional “I saw this” report from a new reader, I cannot be more thankful. You have helped contribute to a “grass roots” (as some use negatively) venue that is honestly run by residents and real people of Hoboken. Can you believe the amount of competition that has surfaced in the past 12 months? Without the community Hoboken411 has, they’ll just be another site “in the dust”.
  • New things. Such as my beautiful and absolutely gentle dog Oscar. He’s such a sweetheart that has essentially “gotten me out of the house” every day since I adopted him. I’ve met many nice new friends, picked up on a different niche in Hoboken, and even picked up some “breaking news”. That, and new technology, business methodologies, and more.

What are my goals for the next year?


  • For one, to get back into shape. Spending a lot of time attending to the technical aspects of 411 has proven to be a bit detrimental to my life. While there are “pros” (such as less stress), I find myself in front of a computer monitor more than being active.
  • Manage my finances. Running your own business isn’t necessarily a cake walk. There are many nuances that a career corporate worked is not necessarily prepared for. Let’s call 2007 a “learning experience”.
  • To find more “me time”. I’ve honestly dedicated a majority of my life to ensure that Hoboken411 stays online, updated and current. I’d love to share with any one of you what my typical week entails. Ideally, this type of publication would be run by a dozen or MORE individuals. I do it myself. Do the math!

I’m still optimistic that Hoboken411 (and more concepts I have) will grow beyond my wildest expectations. Although I’m suffering with workload and business issues, it’s my belief that with hard work and commitment, my goals will be achieved nonetheless.

I really want to thank all the loyal and dedicated readers that come to the “arena” that I created in 2006. It means so much to me to be able to provide a bonafide place for Hoboken residents to gather.

Peace again, and enjoy your Holiday season.

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good one 😆


Man!! I’m stuffed!! Hope everyone had a god one!


If you’re in town today or tomorrow, set aside a few minutes to walk down 7th St all the way to Jackson. The trees along the palisade are stunning. The mix of colors is right out of Cezanne’s pallet.

Nature keeps trying; we keep ignoring it.


I’m amazed that after laughing and getting pissed at you and your posts for 8 years, that Hob411 is the first place I go to for accurate information. You’ve given the city new life and stirred peoples’ passions to the point where they actually care and vote and for that I am deeply grateful.

Thanks from a longtime resident 😀


well said emarche and I totally agree! Thanks 411.