Pilsener Haus Maifest continues

Hoboken Pilsener Haus Maifest fun for spring

Maifest is to Spring, as Oktoberfest is to Fall (at least in Germany!) And during the month of May, Pilsener Haus & Biergarten (15th & Grand) is celebrating the arrival of the warm weather will all sorts events for adults and kids alike. See below for various Pilsener Haus Maifest activities!

Pilsener Haus Maifest Hoboken NJ 2013

Pilsener Haus Maifest food & event lineup in Hoboken

Pilsener Haus, “NJ’s most traditional biergarten,” observes Maifest with:

As well as an Authentic Maifest Menu. Enjoy an Austro-Hungarian feast all month by acclaimed Chef Thomas Ferlesch:

  • Chilled Cucumber Soup – yogurt & dill
  • Asparagus with Sauce Gribiche – caper, anchovy & parsley vinaigrette
  • Schweinsbraten – roasted pork shoulder with kraut salad & pretzel dumplings
  • Seafood Salad – shrimp, scallops, octopus, mussels, squid
  • 1/2 Rosemary Roasted Free Range Chicken – barley pilaf, arugula salad
  • Schweinshaxen – roasted pork shank with pickled salads (serves two – available Fri-Sat-Sun)

A lively roster of traditional music, jazz & rock:

And lastly, don’t for get the kids!:

Enjoy Maifest!

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