Head Gear

Head Gear – Hoboken, NJ – 257 First Street

Head Gear Hoboken NJ new 257 first street - Head GearHere’s one business we missed here at Hoboken411. Head Gear opened last month at 257 First Street. I believe that scaffolding next door clouded my vision as I speed around at twice the limit. Gotta get my peripheral vision checked, I guess.

Anway, owner and Hudson County resident Shawny identified a missing niche in town: Baseball caps. Sure, while some stores have a small selection, there is no dedicated store for caps!

They have hundred of different styles – for both adults and children. Shawny said the reception has been quite good so far.

Also available is a small selection of various t-shirts as well (nice to know considering Solid Threads got flooded out a few blocks away.)

Welcome to Hoboken, Head Gear!

Description: Head Gear – selling caps and t-shirts.
Address: 257 First Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: (201)526-4588

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