In defense of Hoboken Food Trucks

Letter: In defense of Hoboken food trucks

Last month, we shared the phenomenal news that a business dedicated to BACON is coming to Hoboken: The Bacon Truck. Best news of 2013, in our opinion.

And Bacon Truck owner Jeff Pinette wanted to chime in about the ongoing debate regarding mobile food trucks from his perspective.

Defense of Hoboken Food Trucks

Lunch trucks: More benefits, less downfalls

“Regarding the recent article about Food Trucks. I’m a Hoboken resident and follow Hoboken411 on a regular basis. I could go on about so many issues I have with Hoboken but this one is near to my heart as I’m approaching the launch of The Bacon Truck here in Hoboken. A project that started about 5 month ago of which I’m excited to bring to the Hoboken community and many others. As we both know Hoboken currently has a bit of animosity and I believe some confusion towards food trucks. Regardless of there opinions, here is what I have found in much of the research in the past few months.

  1. Food trucks offer novelty food at affordable prices.
  2. Food trucks increase foot traffic in areas where they park and increase the quality and likelihood of return visitors to those immediate areas. Therefor businesses nearby benefit wether its a boutique or brick and motor.
  3. Food trucks have faithful followers as a result bring non locals who may otherwise not visit.
  4. They offer variety and are friendly for all ages.
  5. They absolutely support the local community in many ways; Employment, Fees and community service. (sandy was a great example of how food trucks are champions in time of disaster here in hoboken and beyond) An interesting fact announced days ago is that Disney now added food trucks to its parks. Iconically they are part of main street USA, a cultural adaptation to a fast growing america who demands choices. In many of places food trucks now offer healthier alternatives to chains that we to often see across the country. Restaurants hold their competitive edge by selling high profit alcohol, seating and protection from the elements. Any brick and mortar that does not welcome food trucks probably is living on the edge of failure anyway.

All in all, anyone who has issues with food trucks is foolish. They are a new wave of a progressive food culture that have far more benefits then downfalls, city’s who have embraces the food truck culture have added “character” happier citizens and increased visitors. Hoboken should charge food trucks fair fees and support the trucks. We have the space if planned properly and a supportive community who would in the end see that the only difference between a food truck and a brick in mortar is that it can move.


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Since they move around it’s also hard for a person on his lunch break to know for sure if the truck will be there where a brick and mortar is stationary and has more explicit stated hours that are open during the day where you can go purchase food. I hope food trucks are just a fad that will pass eventually.


There has to be a limit, a balance. Too many of these things rolling around will put pressure on the stable businesses in town. Soon the town will be more like a trailer park with no loyal businesses as the trucks follow the money on a daily basis. Either a cap on how many licenses, or a max per week, where trucks rotate via lottery. The zoning board limits height on buildings, the city on how fast you can drive, where you can park. This is the next logical step.