The Bacon Truck

The Bacon Truck coming to Hoboken, NJ!

The Bacon Truck thumbs up in Hoboken NJ non GMOBacon – whether by lunch truck, brick & mortar or hot air balloon – is God’s gift to the world of humans! And almost straight from the heavens we have The Bacon Truck, coming soon to Hoboken!

Owner Jeff Pinette dreamed up this business which is quite unique. Not because they focus on Bacon, but pork-related treats from “responsible hog-friendly” farmers located in the northeast.

Another great thing about The Bacon Truck (beside the bacon) is the fact that they’re anti-GMO. We won’t get into that now, but the drums are beating louder against modified foods just for the sake of corporate profits.

Jeff said, “The Bacon Truck supports sustainability and responsible practices. Over time, The Bacon Truck will establish connections with farmers who take pride in working hard to resist a system that taints our food every day. They overcome obstacles and industrialized process to bring you the best food. As a mobile vendor, we are thrilled to carry their product to places they normally wouldn’t able to reach. As a result, you get the best quality – actually getting food the way it was supposed to be. Even more profoundly? It’s served with Bacon!”

Good luck, and we cannot wait for bacon! Stay tuned!

The Bacon Truck Hoboken NJ

Description: Bacon, pork and everything in-between. From local responsible farmers.
Address: Varies – check online for latest.
Phone: (860)368-9342
Online: Facebook

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I don’t think that its too “hog friendly” for the pig. It’s like saying a Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, not for the Rabbit who lost it!