Is Hoboken unfriendly towards artists?

One Hoboken artist splits – says city is uncooperative

Local artist Roland Ramos (who was known for his “Digable Arts” Independent Festival) wanted to share his artwork with the city he lived in – but found after the past six years, that Hoboken was just not conducive to the art community.

“Dear Hoboken. As much as I love you, it wasn’t working out with us. After eight years as a resident, and six years as a purveyor of the arts, I felt it was all give and no take.

A one sided relationship will never suffice. I found somewhere else now, where after only three short months, I have been given the opportunity to organize an exhibition at CITY HALL; something that would NEVER have happened in Hoboken. Thing is, we can never be together as long as you regard me as a THREAT instead of an ASSET. Signed – Roland Ramos.”

Waterfront Ricardo Roig Hoboken Art - Is Hoboken unfriendly towards artists?

Can Hoboken sustain a strong artists community?

While some might argue that Hoboken is indeed a strong artists community – with occasional “gallery walks” and semi-annual “festivals,” you can also say that there are signs everywhere that it might not be the case.

With the exception of some framing stores like Right Angle, or the Mason Civic Association – Official art galleries are far and few between. We had one, the Lana Santorelli Gallery – but that quickly closed down (some artists said they were not “open” enough to the community, and charged unrealistic fees which made it impossible for lesser known works to be seen).

Additionally – it appears that the city administration is also “meddling” with the art community. I’ve heard on several occasions how they’ve interfered with “independent” art shows because of their “control-freakish” nature, and their desire to have their names all over everything.

Who knows, maybe with places like Maxwell’s apparently falling out of favor – the majority of residents no longer welcome that “artsy” feel anymore, and would just love corporate America to take over and turn Hoboken into a giant strip mall?

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013 11:24 am

H411, you talk like this hasn’t already happened. There is no artist community in Hoboken. Good work and good luck Roland! Corporate, Corporate, Corporate,

Wednesday, June 12, 2013 10:42 am

Art is always on the fringe and will never be mainstream. At least not in Hoboken. Can’t compete with commercial interests.

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