Holiday Shopping 2007


gift wrap hoboken 2007 - Holiday Shopping 2007For the second year in a row, I’ve created a post that will serve as the main topic for discussing all the things related to holiday shopping for 2007 season. From what people are buying, to what people “want”, to where people are shopping and where the good deals are (in AND out of Hoboken).

This will be updated with any new items that come up during the next five weeks. Please feel free to share, and check back often!

What’s Hot this year?

Not much seems to have changed from last year. What will be the hottest item in 2007? iPhones? GPS navigation systems? Cameras? Clothes? Food? Liquor? Technology? Flat-screen TV’s?

Who do you exchange with or give to?

hoboken gifts 2007 - Holiday Shopping 2007Not sure about the rest of you, but if want something, I try to get it immediately. Also, most of my friends and family don’t really exchange gifts anymore now that we’re adults. Usually some token items or a gift certificate just to go through that act of “exchanging”. Kids are a different story. How about you?

But another thing I totally forgot about was the people we appreciate and take for granted every year. Whether it be your postal delivery man, UPS guy, wash-n-fold ladies, haircutters, and those people that live in doorman buildings, those people as well.

What approach do any of you take with those “under-appreciated” people in your life?

There are also office “grab bags”, or “Secret Santas”… I never really had fun at these events (primarily because I wanted to give laxative brownies to most of the people in the office), but how many of you work in more fun offices and actually like your co-workers? At least at my last job we drank a lot of wine during these events. That helped drown out the misery!

Where do you shop?

I usually buy everything online. It saves time and reduces the stress associated with the mobs of maniacs at stores and shopping malls everywhere.

(411:) For those of you that DO buy online, and love using, please consider using Hoboken411’s Amazon Associates links. You can see them on the right and left of this site, or you can CLICK HERE to go to the site directly. Each purchase will help fund the future site upgrades that will soon be required!

But some things cannot be purchased online. I’ll definitely be picking up some items locally. Not only because I like supporting our small business owners, but a gift that has a unique Hoboken flair to it carries a bit more weight than a mass-marketed item. We’ll discuss who has what during the weeks leading to Christmas, but great shops such as Baskets of Distinction, Good Kleen Fun, even Empire Coffee have nice and affordable gift packages you can quickly snap up! More to come on this…

What are the hot deals?

We’ll try to track down the good deals in Hoboken, whether it’s a special sale, coupon or promotion. If any of you see anything worth mentioning, please comment or send me an email!

But online especially, there are TONS of coupon codes and special promotions going around, it’s nauseating to keep up with all of it!


  • Any Hoboken businesses that are running Holiday promotions this year, please feel free to send them to me for mention here on Hoboken411.


  • Decent coupon codes that any of you have, please send them in. I’ll try and scoop up the good deals I find as well.


getting drunk at the office 2 - Holiday Shopping 2007Of course this is the time to party as well. From regular office parties, to house parties and even if you’re a regular at a bar or restaurant in Hoboken they often throw a closed-door event for the regulars that made their year a profitable one.

Do people get partied-out? I think from Thanksgiving to New Year’s is the reason “losing weight” is usually the #1 resolution of the following year.

Ah yes, the new year is only 41 days away! Yikes!

Overall impression of the Holidays

bah humbug hoboken - Holiday Shopping 2007Is the “Christmas Spirit” (or “Holiday Spirit” to be politically correct) still in you?

Or are holidays now over-commercialized? Do you think that the season of giving has lost it’s meaning these days? Does the stress involved with shopping, lists, parties, planning, relatives and the logistics and travel involved make this an exhausting time of year? Or do you look forward to it like you did when you were a kid?

I personally try to keep it simple, and not get caught up in the riff-raff.

Anyway, let’s discuss everything related to the holidays here, and submit your tips, tricks, traditions, rants or otherwise! And check back often for new updates!

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as ive gotten older the holiday season has become more of a way to end the year, its more of an emotional release and a way of putting to rest the events of the year, then in january we start it all over