Hoboken Dhaba

Hoboken Dhaba Dhaba Doomed?

We thought of the doomed headline for the Hoboken Dhaba Indian restaurant before they even opened! And as we mentioned in our 60 second review last summer – we felt the place was over-priced for just average Indian food.

Ever been to restaurant that lacked passion and good “energy?” I’ve noticed the trend where small businesses just don’t put any true effort into their endeavors, as if they were blandly following some kind of instruction manual on how to make money.

Although the place certainly looks closed (with all the garbage on the floor inside), and you can’t order online today – perhaps they’re just re-decorating or on vacation? Delivery.com says you can order again on Monday. Who knows…

Hoboken Dhaba Dhaba Doomed Indian Restaurant

Hoboken Dhaba – “Your Local Indian Eatery”

Hoboken Dhaba indian coming soon 630 Washington StOut with one ethnic restaurant, in with another! Replacing the doomed Hummus Bar at 630 Washington Street is Hoboken Dhaba, “Your Local Indian Eatery.”

Not much is known about this place yet. However, there is a restaurant called Dhaba in New York City – but we’re unsure if they’re the same owners. Kind of hope not – because an Indian website gave that place bad reviews.

We’ll find out soon enough!

One positive aspect of having another Indian restaurant in Hoboken – is that we’re not at the point of saturation yet, which is good. Although it is a bit close to Karma Kafe – I think we can manage.

Hoboken Dhaba indian restaurant 630 washington street

Description: Hoboken Dhaba, Indian restaurant
Address: 630 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Phone: TBD
Online: TBD

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