Purple Skies over Hoboken!

Crazy purple skies over Hoboken this week

Caught these mesmerizing purple skies over Elysian Park a few days ago.

First, we noticed how the temporary LED lamps that PSE&G set up after Hurricane Sandy illuminated the freshly sprouting trees in the park. It provided a sharp contrast to the cloudy sky as the sun was setting.

However, I noticed how the clouds were becoming purple, and I busted out the camera I had on me. At one point the sky was surreal!

None of these pictures were post-processed or altered, other than removing a little grain.

Amazing color, right?

Hoboken Purple Skies 815pm

Hoboken Purple Skies 825pm

Hoboken Purple Skies 830pm

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If your thought the vapor trails cause people to start mumbling about the government conspiracies that bunch will go bat shit crazy about the purple sky.


I saw that too. Lasted only for a short while. I thought I was the only one that noticed.