Hanoben Hoboken – Large condos for families

Formerly referred to as “Citiscape,” this corner building at Newark & Monroe downtown known as Hanoben sure has taken a very long time for some reason.

It began construction almost three years ago, and they originally hoped for Fall 2014 occupancy. Still not done, and they just removed the scaffolding recently.

Either way – a few quick observations:

  • Very large condos. Much larger than your typical cookie cutter building. “Prestigious Masterpiece Residences starting with 3 to 4 bedroom units with only 2 residences per floor and starting over 2,225 SF per unit.” That’s almost unheard of in multi-unit buildings (unless you’re one of the people that combined two or more units.) This trend will probably continue as affluent families decide to stay longer before “moving to the burbs.”
  • But odd views / location. The SW part of town, while getting a bit more vibrant, is still rough around the edges. With flooding and traffic, coupled with the distance from the main action – it’s strange they can command such multi-million dollar prices when I thought Real Estate was about “location, location, location.” These “views,” unless you’re on the top floors, may not be too spectacular. What are you going to do, watch people drive into the Hoboken Beer & Soda outlet? Or hear cars honk in frustration?
  • But then again, being so close to the “exit” of Hoboken has a plus side as well!

    One other cool feature if you can afford it – is your own deeded rooftop terrace. Certainly rare in Hoboken.

    Hanoben Hoboken condo real estate

    Description: Apartment building
    Address: Monroe & Newark Street
    Phone: 201-659-8891
    Website: hanoben.com

    See previous updates below…

    Citiscape Luxury Apartments in Hoboken, NJ – Fall 2014 Occupancy

    4/28/2014 Update:

    Update! For those wondering what the SW quadrant of Hoboken is shaping up to be like – take a look at the rendering below. This is the new Citiscape development currently under construction at Newark & Monroe Streets.

    The building topped out last month (i.e., the “structure” is complete), and is on it’s way to becoming a dozen luxury apartments (condos – NOT rentals).

    Judging by the lot size and number of stories – these appear to be rather lofty spaces, probably suited for bigger families.

    Certainly an upgrade from the previous lot, do you think this “ups the ante” in this neighborhood?

    Citiscape Development Hoboken NJ

    New Citiscape Development project on Monroe St. in Hoboken

    5/2/2013 Update:

    The density of Hoboken continues to increase! Underway now at the corner of Monroe and Newark Street downtown – will be a new “incredible living space” which is apparently being brought to life by a company called Citiscape Development.

    Citiscape Development in Hoboken NJ

    The developer is rather new to me, and their website is under construction. But Citiscape has offices in Hoboken and has done other projects in town, working with Minervini Vandermark Architecture in the past.

    But for this project – Marchetto Higgins Stieve is the Architect, known for many properties in Hoboken, such as Maxwell Place, Metro Stop and others.

    Haven’t seen an official plan of what is coming, but one would expect the building to “fit in” with the rest of the neighborhood in terms of height at the very least.

    Perhaps this contributed to the reason we’re getting a new traffic light down the street?

    Citiscape Development sign in Hoboken NJ

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    Friday, February 10, 2017 10:10 am

    DO NOT BUY IN THIS BUILDING!!! This developer deceitfully changed their name because the reputation of his business is utterly atrocious. Scott and Ann Marie are money hungry liars that pretend to develop high-quality condos when in fact they are built with low budget materials and are ridiculously overpriced. When you speak to the builders who constructed their “luxury” condo’s, the truth comes out. That Scott tells them to use the cheapest materials available and cut corners to maximize his profits. The listings state things like “sound-proofing”, however when the ceiling is removed the sound proofing is no thicker than a sheet of paper. Its all fabricated to attract buyers when in fact the structural integrity is On the exterior, the finishes appear nice. But dig into the facts. Cheap, budget level hard wood floors and counter tops. Faucets and Toilets worse than basic Home Depot brands. Water leaks from outside ruining brand new floors. Plumbing back ups causing waste to come back through drains and toilets. Roof leaks into top floor condo. All issues are blamed on the builder! Unfortunately for Citiscape (or whatever they call themselves now) Scott’s gig is up. All the builders say the same thing – that they explain issues to him and the need to increase budget. and now none of them will work with him because their reputation is damaged. Scott doesn’t care about constructing a quality building – he cares about PROFIT. He’s a doctor with money, not a real estate developer!!

    Thursday, January 28, 2016 12:34 pm

    I hope they use the most expensive windows on the market today, or you will have to get used to honking horns. The traffic and noise on those few blocks would be unbearable for most. I would think the price/sq foot would be a lot lower for this building.

    The Professor
    The Professor
    Wednesday, January 27, 2016 3:42 pm

    The comments on avoiding the developer may be helpful to those who are even able to get past this name. Hanoben? You can’t be serious. Is this just me?

    Brian Pearson
    Brian Pearson
    Thursday, October 8, 2015 11:16 pm

    Prior comment is spot on. This developer is known as an absolute nightmare, he’s made enemies with anyone he’s worked with – contractors, architects – let alone residents of his low quality projects. Warning: if Cityscape Development, or the shell company’s owner (his last name Schlessingar) is involved,
    move on . . they’re sleazeballs !

    Wednesday, January 7, 2015 8:21 pm

    Be wary of Citiscape properties. Have heard horror stories of the developer cheaping out on materials and brand new condos having major issues with a variety of things. Especially the guys of the building. Finished product looks nice and shiny, but inside the walls they do no use quality products. Check the builders reputation as it is been well publicized that builders working with them in the past refuse to going forward…

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